Best craftable armour for thralls?

Hi, what armour do you give your thralls? I have no legendary stuff yet but can craft a few sets. What of the attributes like +Hitpoints, +Endurance etc. is usefull for thralls?

Hitpoints, stamina and carry weight on armor for thralls is nonsense…
What you need is +Dmg type, on heavy armor.
For Str dmg type you can get the Redeemed Legion helm and Chest, or cheaper still, the Dragon bone chest. Both types have +8% instead of the typical 5% when crafted with a named thrall. Also you want the named armorer thrall that gives +armor. The blue symbol is a shield.
And that is all you need to know.


on the Conan Exiles Wiki, you can use the search engine to see what armor is good and within your reach.

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How is hitpoints useless? I have seen them getting extra HP when I gave them armour.

That didn’t exactly work for me but the overall list isn’t too bad.

yeah, they get the HP, but when they have over 3k HP, what are 200 more exactly worth? Considering you could give them 50% more dmg instead.
Same with extra armor rating…the amount just doesn’t compare.


helmet : redemed heavy (from Black keep) 8% dmg
chest : redeemed heavy 8% dmg , dragonbone heavy 8% or my favourite champion …5% dmg but superior armor
gloves : redeemed medium 8 % dmg
rest : perfected heavy


Encumbrance and Stamina are utterly irrelevant to a Thrall.
As is follower damage.
That said, sometimes items with higher stamina also have an inflated armour rating (both being tied to Grit).

In general, damage % for the relevant weapon is the money maker.
Hp being a flat number tapers off once you have a couple thousand Hp.

That said, for ease and speed, this one tends to mass produce Heavy Dragon Armour for the minions. The armour rating is good and there is some weapon damage, ect…
But most importantly, the materials are trivial late game and acquired easily on regular leveling/grinding loops


u monster :slight_smile:
Save those cute but endangered dragons !

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This one is mostly putting already dead ones back down.
That aside, when there are domestic dragon options, this one will be less likely to adopt an est or be eaten mindset.

Keep in mind it also depends on whether the thrall leans towards strength or agility. The percentage damage increase in either of these should a factor in the armor, as well as weapon choice.

Having said that, the perfected heavy tasset gives a 5% bonus in both strength and agility. For the chest, I use either the Dragonbone (strength) or the Stygian soldier (Agility). I generally use the Dragonbone boots, gloves, and helmet, as they add 100+ HP. If it is a thrall that will get massive health (Anja, Sonya, Devotee), then a full Agility or Strength armor is the way I go.