Best farming build in light armor? (see inside examples)

Hi all,

For the stats : 0 20 0 0 20 20 (max agility, grit and expertise)
Armorer T4 armor + bulked plating

The idea is to get max vitality from the armor, then stamina.

EL :

Silent legion light helmet → Health + 48
Voidforged Dragonhide Tunic → strengh weapon damage +8%
Voidforged Dragonhide Bracers → Health + 48
Voidforged Dragonhide Kilt → Stamina +12
Voidforged Dragonhide Boots → Health + 28

Health 324
Stamina 212
Armor 680

Siptah :

Aspect of the bats → Health + 68
Black corsair Pauldron → Health + 48
Gloves of Jhil → + Stamina
Black corsair leggings → Health + 48
Voidforged Dragonhide Boots → Health + 28

Health 392
Stamina 200 (+jhil gloves)
Armor 680

Thanks if you find someting better, but keep it simple for recipes and crafting, no DLC :slight_smile:

I’d probably drop some grit and add more vit other than that yes that’s the build

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I get the concept, and I’ll probably give this a go soon just for fun. But I’m apprehensive that it’ll be an enjoyable experience.

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i think it needs only 5 grit and put 15 vitality, thats both the best for farming and enc build when raiding

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This doesn’t seem to go with your (EL) build at all, just wondering why you chose it?

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Yes I know, but “Voidforged Dragonhide Tunic” has good armor value (149) and is simple to craft. “Silent legion light pauldron” has same stats.

If I switch to “shemite tunic” +28 health / 89 armor, I loose 62 armor for +28 health, so not a good choice.

So if someone has a tunic for EL with health or stamina stats and +140 armor … I take it :slight_smile:

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