Best/Favorite Pet



Vathis and Spinas has the same hp as do other named fighters/archers from the Vulcano, they all have 6150 hp.
I haven’t tried with other t4 fighters from the vulcano, but I agree that Vathis doesn’t seem to be as effective as some other non vulcano t4 fighters with lower hp.


I think/hope they have planned a levelling system for thralls to be added at some point which definitely would improve the thrall system, but their faction should be a part of their info/name so you would know.
if a cimmerian archer is from the mounds of dead or the vulcano until you place them and see their hp, same goes for a lot of others from different factions.


I gave my Vathis the Jedi Lightsaber and she clears through mobs pretty reliably.

Dancers seem to be the most aggressive. Luba the lucsious is an outright murder machine bent on the death of all who approach me.

A whirling death trap of food processor goodness. And when the battle is done. Corpses laying everywhere. Luba just picks right back to the beat where she left off and dances her favorite dance.


Me want Luba now!


When the nerfed SL, they did not get rid of the older sets people had stored. The only time they have wiped inventories was when there was confirmed duping of orbs. I know, because our clan lost a vault full of demon orbs, farmed correctly, due to this. Pissed a little, but understood the reasoning. So i think Vathis is safe, because it was Funcom’s mistake, and not a cheat.

Now if i find him in your base, placed, i will return during PVP raid hours and extinguish him from existence on the server. My Crusade until the next big update (Seige?)


That’s funny because I’ve gotten dire wolf pups but I’ve never seen a saber cat. XD


Good old saint croc(my only crocodile pet). XD


Kind of sucks, I can’t capture Jamilla either. Would be nice if you could convince them to join up with you somehow.


Luba is no joke. Luba does not play around.


I had a dancer following me around for a while, but she often seemed to get stuck and daggers have pretty short range so I usually ended up hitting her.


While I was kiting one of the pink chocobos on my island, I had my new rhino charge in and launch it about 5 feet. lol

I kind of like rhinos now but I have the worst luck getting white/greater rhinos. 8 raised with all becoming normal rhinos, but at least their food is easy to get.


I don’t have a pet rhino anymore, but I sure got a kick out of their romping about like a new puppy.


I’ve always been a fan of the Greater Bear


I have 12 surrounding my base and 2 greater rhinos inside


Hyena, it was my first greater pet which I got pure luck. I had no idea it’s diet, just captured 5 striped whelps and put them in my pen and one became greater! Once I levelled a bit more and seen hyena armor I was well impressed. That hyena goes everywhere with me.
I have been stealing jaguar pups as well, trying everyday for a greater jaguar and today, after stealing 5 more pups, one was greater \o/ I hope they will get some awesome armor. I haven’t taken it out for a walk yet so at the moment it’s my brilliant Buddy, greater hyena. He’s called Horace. Horace the greater hyena and he’s brilliant. I haven’t been killed once with him defending me.


I like spiders, guess I needn’t to say that hehe. Kinda tricky to get the ones who spit though, never know what type of shadebloom food make them.


Hyena was actually the first pet I got and the first greater for me too. lol


I have a rare pair of crocs that give off poison mist cloud :slight_smile:crocs


We raised an abandoned lamb from Day 1 IRL – she’s almost two now, but she doesn’t ever slow down! Therefore in-game I like to chill, craft, cook thralls and gather with an antelope companion. Until I can get bighorn sheep, my antelope Jamie is just nice to have around. :sheep:


Lol that is fantastic. I was bummed there would be no ram companions.