Best Gaming Laptops Under $800

Hey Guys, I am looking for the best Gaming Laptops Under 800 dollars because my maximum budget is 800 dollars. I have reviewed many laptops online and only 1 source impressed me, can you please suggest me the best one.

I am looking forward to the best suggestions

Even I know few of them

Maybe check a manufacturer like MSI out? I would never buy a gaming laptop (I <3 my desktops), but if I was going to go somewhere, MSI would be my first stop.

800 quid will be 1000 $

Like Multigun says, I would never switch from desktop to laptop when choosing a gaming rig, laptops never performs even remotely close to an equivalent desktop and the word “Gaming laptop” is often used even though they can’t really run demanding games.

I live in Europe and don’t know where you live, I suppose it is in US where pc prices are a good deal lower, but still with an $800 budget you won’t get far, perhaps you can get a somewhat decent used gaming laptop for the money - A new one that could run Conan Exiles with decent fps and graphics, I don’t think that is possible within your budget.

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