I have a laptop with 1650 gtx gpu

However, when i play conan exiles on that GPU it makes so much noise and uses so much power. Is there an external GPU that I can buy so I can play future games that require intensive specs?

Yes there is. You are limited only by your budget as to the models available.

This is the kinda thing he’s asking about though right?

RTX 3090 External:

What? No… you don’t need a lot of PCIe lanes for gaming like this - whatever it already has is probably fine - it uses existing TB3/4 connections. And only a very small percentage of games need anything more than a 4-core 3.5GHz CPU (like an Intel 4th gen) and Conan is not one of them.

Running Conan on a setup like I linked to I seriously doubt the laptop would even get warm.

And of course you can get something like a 1080 TI in the same kind of setup if you’re budget minded. It probably wouldn’t be my choice but some people like this kind of setup for, you know… reasons. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a ‘gaming’ laptop that I manage to run games on, including Conan. But, based on your comment, the i7 and GTX 970 in that older laptop is barely sufficient to run office? :roll_eyes:

Okay. guess I need to toss it in the landfill then. I should not continue to use it for gaming or photo editing, or anything else that i’ve been happily using it for.


Pardon me if I don’t agree with the assessment that one absolutely has to have the highest end bleeding edge workstation hardware to even consider gaming.

Admittedly, my desktop performs better with its GTX 1080 (not Ti) and i5 cpu as they aren’t the throttled mobile versions.


I ran CE on a system with an R9 390 (8Gig) and an I7-870 Lynnfield. That’s Gen-one for those wondering. :smiley: Discontinued in '09.

High settings at 1440p, I almost never say it dip below 60fps. Conan is just not very CPU intensive…

Привет, извините что пишу не по теме как связаться с администраторами сервера/форума/игры

Funny, i play Conan on my laptop just fine. Sure in med most settings, but some on high. Now if i want super ultra graphics i would need a beefy pc, but sometimes graphics are severely over rated. see Super Mario Bros.

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Peripherals and components are peripherals and components - they either enhance operation or they don’t. By your logic it almost seems like we should not even increase the memory or swap in better CPUs. :stuck_out_tongue:

An eGPU around the 2070Ti mark on a laptop is going to enhance operation over 1650 - especially given an external monitor. By how much? It can be as much as double the frame rate - but typically 50 to 60 percent. Worth the money? That’s for the buyer to decide.

I seriously doubt the OP is going to take his laptop and eGPU to a Formula One rally though - I mean where would he even plug it in?

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