Need advice for new PC

As I mentioned in the other post, my PC has crapped out. So, here is a list of questions for a newer one.

  1. Ryzen 3 3200G with Radeon Vega or Ryzen 5 3400G with Radeon RX 11?

  2. Which is best Intel or AMD? I like AMD. If I go with Intel are onboard graphics workable instead of a separate graphics card?

  3. Is a laptop with similar features as above worth getting instead of a desktop?

  4. The first two are in my price range 500 USD for Ryzen 3 or 600 USD for Ryzen 5. I really can’t go much higher. Ram for no.1 is 8 gig, 12 gig for no. 2.

Advice without spending any more than 6 bills?

Also I plan on using my old VGA monitor which has served me well for at least 2 or maybe 3 computers. I believe I can get an adapter if I need for HDMI.

Thanks to all, and hope to be back in game soon, I already miss it, even the global nonsense.

ryzen5(3.4gz) + nvidia1560 works just fine for me ,16 ram

Intel CPUs are still noticeably better for gaming, especially older titles like AoC… but that is only true with a dedicated GPU. AMD’s integrated GPUs are actually a billion times better than Intel ones currently, so if you really don’t want to buy a separate GPU and save the maximum amount of money - then the Ryzen 5 3400G will be best for you.

It won’t run AoC amazingly well but I’ve played it enough on a Surface Pro 6 with the integrated GPU to know it’s actually possible to achieve 60fps if you are reasonable with the settings and resolution (and your iGPU will be far better that the one I used!).

Still, I can’t recommend a dedicated GPU enough for gaming if that is in any way possible for you, even really old ones are capable of maxing out AoC at something like 1080p.

Never ever get a laptop unless you actually need a laptop. You lose far too much (price, performance, reliability, ability to upgrade/replace individual parts etc. etc.)


Thanks to both (so far) I am leaning to the Rzyen 5 system more and more. It’s at least twice the pc power that died, so I think AoC would run fine, if not better than i am used to anyway.

Now I am looking at Intel i5 with integrated graphics, much cheaper and says gaming. It’s a little better than what I have but only a tad. Price is right though

The integrated graphics on Intel CPUs is significantly worse than the integrated graphics on AMD CPUs - even when the CPU in itself is better.
I would not recommend the Intel integrated graphics for any kind of gaming computer.

Good to know, thanks!

Further question:

If a pc has 8g ram and I add a GeForce card with 4 g ram, does that make my system 12 g of ram when considering games (other than AoC too)

Thanks :beers:

Edit: I am working on ending up with 16 g ram, and the 4 g GeForce at some point.

No, RAM and VRAM are used for different things and don’t add to each other in terms of amount. Simply said: More RAM = Your system can load more (and “bigger”) programs at the same time. More VRAM = Your system can load higher texture settings and other graphic related settings in a game.

Keep in mind that more RAM doesn’t always mean better performance, if you have 8 GB but never use more than 5 GB of it, giving your PC another 4 GB RAM wouldn’t make any difference.

Nice, thank you!

Last Question (I think)…

Graphics card at 2g or 4g? Any real difference? I see some 6 g out there but those are getting out of range for me.

I am pondering a hydrid, building on a low cost PC- but beefing it up beyond anything I have had, and far outweighs my now completely non functioning door stop.

Again, thanks to all that have answered, very valuable advice for a old fart that didn’t keep up with tech in last decade :blush:

Btw my old XP setup runs like a clock, save for not connecting to the net.

I am unsure how much AoC utilizes VRAM, my graphics card has 3 GB (R9 280x) and I was able to run AoC on highest settings just fine (1080p, view distance not completely maxed out) though I wouldn’t be able to have stable 60 FPS everywhere (Shaulun and the other Cities were a bit choppy at 40 - 45 FPS due to the NPCs) most likely because the game itself isn’t optimized very well (as others said already, AoC relies heavily on CPU power), especially all particles active is almost impossible when there are more than 10 or 12 players spamming things.

I would actually advise you to go for 4 GB VRAM but keep in mind that VRAM isn’t everything when it comes to graphics cards , in some cases a 2 GB card might be even better due to a better GPU chip.
Why would I advise you to go for 4 GB? In case you want to play other newer games you might need a bit more memory on your card, that way you will be able to play them and not have super big issues in terms of FPS. (maybe post the two cards you are looking at at the moment so we can help making a decision)

Also: Regarding Windows XP, I doubt you will be able to use this OS for newer computers due to drivers not being available so you might consider buying Windows 10 (which is running pretty well, I just “recently” switched to it from Windows 7 and it actually runs a lot better in my opinion).

Thanks again, the XP machine just runs some of my of disk (GTA Vice City, Locomotion, old games like that). I managed to get online using Firefox browser but things didn’t load very well.

Shaulun was always choppy for me lol

The cards both GeForce 1050 ti 4 gig or GeForce 1030 2 g.
The machine I am looking at is I5 3470-3.2 ghz.
HP 8300 small form.

Looks easy to add machine RAM to 16 g. And both cards seem easy enough to toss in.

Gtx 1050 ti is a much better card and actually quite capable even for more recent games (with low settings). If you can afford that, go for it. I think a gtx 1030 isn’t much better than an AMD integrated GPU, to be honest. But the 1050 ti on the other hand is a proper GPU.

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Yes definitely go for the 1050, from the comparisons I saw it has a roughly 80% better performance overall. For such a huge difference in performance the price difference of roughly 50€ (not sure how much it is in $) is a really good deal.

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My semi build:

HP 8300 Small Form
I5 3470- 3.2 ghz
8 gig ram
GeForce 1050 ti 4 gig (small form)
500 g SATA drive
Win 10

Decided RAM upgrade will wait for now. I was running only 6 gig before and that was generally ok.

Problem is the card will take a few days longer than the rest, and 2 sites tell me the original configuration will not run Age of Conan. Why, I don’t know the pc is 8 years newer than the game.

Thanks to Force, biglouis, ErikT, and Mcnavy…and anyone I missed, all have been great help. Wish I could buy a round :beers:


The configuration you posted will run the game completely fine, probably even on high(est) settings, you might need to experiment a bit with the settings but luckily, in AoC most of the graphical settings switch without needing to restart the game every single time.
If you do get low FPS in certain areas just scale back the view distance, that mostly helps a lot while maintaining a very great visual image, extremely high view distance is mostly unimportant because it renders things so far back you wouldn’t even notice them.

So yeah, you will most definitely have fun with your new PC and things will run fine (unless some part broke during shipping :smile:)

One thing though: Stock coolers on CPUs are often not that great and they can get extremely “loud” (well, it’s a bit subjective to be honest) at times, so, if that bothers you, you might want to upgrade that cooler for a new and better one, they cost around 30 - 40€ as well but are mostly cooling a lot better and are a lot quieter. But for now don’t worry about that too and test how it is going without a special cooler once your PC parts arrive :slightly_smiling_face:

Make sure that SATA drive is an SSD.

i would also advice you to consider gfx card swap - if you didnt order it all up yet
from my personal perspective i can say that AMD Radeon RX 570 is hell of a good card if it comes to bang for buck standings, imo its much better than 1050ti and RX 570 4 gigs version is also way cheaper, i got 8gigs version with Armor OC MSI version, im running it on ryzen 5 3600 with 3,6ghz 15-15-15-35 ram and on M2 NVMe disk and although i only play in full hd its that i didnt come up on any game that wouldnt run in ultra max, if that changes i will consider upgrading GPU but - that just my cents - RX 570 great gfx card, you can check benchmarks on your own - there are plenty of em on yt
anyway gl

I am excited, I never done much upgrading. I always bought off the shelf and good to go. And the last of one I bought was only a question of how much RAM and HD space. Now it’s GPUs, cooling, mHz, etc.

Monday is the day, an eternity. Maybe Tuesday before I get the card in, with any luck I can test against the WB . And yeah, looks like I might be able to play a few newer games too.

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