PC Upgrade Suggestion needed

I have about $1000.00 US to spend. Currently I have"
Intel I9 CPU (water cooled an clocked at 4 GHz
32GB DDR4 at 2666MHz Dual Channel
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 with 6GB GDDR5.

Now I think my BEST option is the Video card. Can anyone recommend a card that I can just swap in that is within my price range and would show an improvement in AoC?

invest in a SSD if you dont currently have one (not listed in above specs) and your using a standard hard drive as you will notice a big improvement in game with an SSD v HDD and worth looking into (sata & m.2 they way to go) ,as far as graffix cards go the 1060 should be fine but options are 2060-2070 cards which updated to “super” specs recently with the 2070 super being regarded as the pick of current cards for price v performance from what theyre saying along with the 1660ti as a budget gaming card nvidia released but its about as powerful as your 1060-1070 cards (and most of the 1660’s look cheap compared to higher end cards imo)…assuming your sticking with nvidia cards… AMD card the only one worth buying the 5700 XT being equal to the 2070… hope this helps a little

Thanks. I guess I should have said I have 2 SSD in a raid configuration and AoC is on them. I also have 2 HDD in a separate raid configuration (3 Terabyte). I will look into a 2070 Super (if within budget).

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For seeing where your potential bottle neck is in terms of performance, you should be looking at what load is on your CPU and GPU while running the game. AoC is pretty much all single-threaded, so you are only looking at whether it is fully using a core or not. There are a lot of different I9 models, some with better single-threaded performance than others.


Depending on which one you have, you probably aren’t going to see much improvements from any other CPU.

GPU seems more likely a place that could be improved a bit, but the 1060 is probably plenty for this game, depending on what screen resolution you run at. You can see how close to 100% utilization you get by running something like MSI Afterburner.

Your PC is fine, if you really want to upgrade, switch your gpu to a 2070 Super or wait for 2020s GPUs.

I don’t think you will get significant boosts in performance in AoC, but if something will help, its you GPU.

RAM could be faster, but it won’t boost your ingame performance by a lot.

upgrade with high end graphics card or a proper nvme ssd if your motherboard is compatible.

So I overclocked my CPU to 4.7 GHz and swapped in a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti. I did a benchmark of sorts at the World Boss to see if I had much gain. I was getting 112 FPS before the upgrade and 120 after. So for just $1100.00 I gained 8 FPS! Bargain.

I’m getting 100fps steady on my 2018 alienware laptop gtx1070… and you’re getting only 120ish on rtx2080… not bad

I really wouldn’t buy a 2080 ti right now but that’s your money lol

You can gain a lot from 3600-4000+ mhz RAM in AoC (and other heavily CPU bound games). It has as much impact as the CPU frequency because the two are basically one single component. High speed RAM can be pricey but for AoC it would be a much better upgrade than a 2080 ti.

told you so.

You overclocked your i9 cpu to 4.7ghz for a game that only utilizes at best 2 cores. I’m pretty sure the turbo boost of 2 cores for an i9 is above 4.7ghz so that will see no improvements sadly.

I didn’t notice that but yeah Intel i9 9900 CPUs have a 5ghz boost by default actually, which will definitely work for single threaded apps but will rarely if ever boost all cores at once. No point manually clocking to 4ghz or 4.7ghz for AoC, it should auto boost to 5ghz easily.

…unless by i9 he a meant a CPU from the HEDT platform as they have much lower clocks (it is also not great for gaming due the higher memory/cpu latency by design - it’s aimed for professional work where reliability/stability is key, not pure performance).