Best Pets PvE 2020

Hey folks,

With all the HUGE changes of pet stats in recent patches, i cant find an updated list/video talking about pets. I play pretty much only PvE and am wondering what ones would make good companions on my solo journey. Anyone have figures on pet HP/stats and such?

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t4 named volcano humans > snowhunter and cimmerian warrior from mounds of the dead > t3 bearer thralls> the rest

Animals are what im really curious about. They got hit the hardest by the patch.

Try contacting Wak4863. He always have something really good to suggest. Plus his videos on YouTube is always to the point and never tire full. Now my personal opinion about pets, is the greater hyena. The reason i speak about this pet is the attacking frequency and style that it has. Having a single attaking style and do frequently is puting greater hyena first to my list. Plus it is the most willing pet you will have. This pet will not let you down, it will always run in front of you to attack to any possible threat and ofcurce it will die for you fighting till it’s last breath :cry:. Trying to learn the game, i ve lost a lot of greater hyenas and believe me, it cost me a lot. So i stopped taking them to my journeys because i couldn’t stand the thought that i will loose another one. Now however that we can heal our pets (finally), we don’t really need them anymore, because a good named thrall is far more important and useful than a pet. Still if you want to have a pet for a follower, a greater hyena is your pet. Thats my opinion however, i wish you good game :+1:

Greater lions and greater panthers can be quite the damage dealers. Greater lions have higher armor. Greater boars have pretty good health as well. Havent had a greater sabretooth; my inderstanding is its the best

Hyena huh? Ill have to give that a shot. Good suggestions. Thanks folks!

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Still seems right- the queen is still a beast.

I did work a greater shaleback up to 20 and it still makes for a good tank. However the pets still do not compare to a thrall when it comes to performance.

Yeah stats are way off in this one though. Way lower now.

Stats may be off but the ranking still seems right. Like I said the shaleback I did was just in the last month. Had 5 k health but was wrecking frost giants and other mobs without much problems.

I made a nice boar, it’s adorable and I was surprised how it evolved to level 20

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