Better Admin Controls (BC - Part 2)

At the moment, the Pippi Mod on PC provides many servers with many customizable tools for Admins that generally make dedicated servers better. Many, many servers use this which speaks to a high demand for more admin controls. However, consoles do not have any of these options. In addition, there are some controls that even Pippi does not have (as far as I am aware). Here are my recommendations for Admin commands and abilities to allow greater customization for dedicated servers. These options should only be available for those in Admin mode.

  1. Radial menu option on all buildings or placeables, to make the structure (all building and pieces attached to it) immune from the server decay settings. This would allow admins to have elaborate builds without forcing them to turn off decay, which helps keep the server clean and helps performance.

  2. Two Radial menu options on all buildings or placeables, to make either the selected item or the whole structure (all building and pieces attached to it) immune to damage, including environmental damage. This setting could be toggled on and off for each item. This would further allow admins to allow building damage without worrying about their public buildings being destroyed. Also it would allow admins to make raidable structures where only the doors, or certain walls could be destroyed. Lots of new possibilities here.

  3. Radial option on workbenches to lock the thrall so it cannot be removed, but the bench can still be accessed and used by players not in clan. This is particularly relevant for console as I know there are PC mods that do this.

  4. Ability to build anywhere in Admin mode only. Including within dungeons and Thrall camps. Again particularly relevant for Consoles where mods are not an option.

There are of course more I could include, especially for consoles. For example, the ability for Admins to make server wide announcements.

What other Admin abilities would you all like to see put in the main game? And as always stayed tuned for further editions of my Better Conan (BC) suggestions series.


I like those ideas. I have a good group of people on my small 20 slot ps4 server and that would make great opportunities. This morning I had a relatively new player setting up a treasure hunt for others. Private server options would be a great boon.


Yeah, I have run servers on PS4 and I always end up feeling stymied by lack of options. Additionally, it ends up being a lot of continuous work for the Admin as there is no way to automate anything. So if you have a lot of builds around the map you either turn off decay, and then have to manually destroy buildings when people leave the server or you leave decay on and have to constantly refresh it. Refreshing for treasure hunts is never fun. The amount of maintenance ends up being too much for me. It seems you have had your server for a while though so you must be doing something right.


5 days in a row server has been down.

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I agree with all my heart on this one. I firmly believe that this freedom should never have even been removed for Singleplayers and Server Admins. This freedom had no victims, and zero negative ramifications attached in our play modes, while improving quality of life for our mode. Why should we be forced to ‘live’ and play beneath crushing restrictions intended for online cheaters in a mode which has no need for them!

I hope you dont mind Zeropoint, but I am going to link my thread here, as number for is featured in my own thread, and members can delve into it more specifically there.

As it would happen I have a few which come to mind.

Star Metal Meteor Manual Trigger: we have been requesting this one for over a year or two now. Standing around for 1.5 hours in Singleplayer mode is not very fun or time productive.

Retro Legendary Weapons: probably a super longshot this one, but some spawnable original, pre-nerf versions of Legendarys such as the Lifeblood Spear, Sword of Crom and Axe of Violence would be a massive crowd pleaser and build goodwill and gratitude.

More Roleplay Items: I was caught of guard and blown away with excitment when we received the Roleplay Items such as the bronze coins, volcanic plant, obsidian gem and others. For something which Joel(?) claims only took 10 minutes to make, they added so much! Without mod support on consoles, this is the closest thing we have to mods so far. Honestly I would even pay for a DLC pack containing some more of these.


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