Beware arcane armaments bazaar purchase

Its been mentioned multiple times. People are aware and the pile on with multiple messages on the same topics plagues the forums. Its like no one knows what the search bar is for.

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Can you link them please? You’ve mentioned it before, and mention it again - yet no link. A link would be helpful to consolidate and cross examine the growing isssue.

Its not a growing issue. Unless the item is literally consuming more and more crom coins, its pretty static.

You said yourself it’s been mentioned multiple times. That in and of itself is a growth of multiplicative complaints.

I’ve seen other issues on the search function, but this one I’ve not seen myself. But you’re free to link it here to express consolidation of the issue.

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Nah this needs to be everywhere so everyone is aware how misleading the Items are. Not everyone goes out of their way to check bug reports, majority go to general forums.


I think you are missing the point of a bug report, unless you dont want it fixed and just want an excuse to complain.

I think you are missing the point of making players aware of these predatory cash shop items. If they want to charge 10 bucks or whatever it is for the weapons then that’s fine. But they gotta be transparent about it.


Again, assuming the worst.

Go troll somewhere else.

That’s pretty rich from someone advocating spamming the forum with repeated posts

Folks, no need to get at each others’ throats.

The template is the easiest way to deliver the information to us, but not necessarily a requirement.
All we ask is you are able to objectively convey the issue in a way that makes sense and can be easily digested and checked by QA to test. Snide commentary does not add anything to the report and just wastes everyone’s time and energy.

Now that’s said, the wording on the items in the Arcane Armaments bundle have been marked for review, so thank you for the report. There’s a couple other items’ descriptions that are similarly marked as well.


Thank you @AndyB for the response.

If/when it gets resolved - how will it be addressed to the community? Through the game or through forum announcements? Not everyone checks forums

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A patch note most likely, and those are shared across a variety of channels, such as Twitter, Facebook, reddit, discord, and here on these forums.

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Thanks @AndyB i jad submitted a bug report on the matter shortly before this post. Hopefully both sides can find some sort of middle ground or something.

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I got duped as well. I was like. Awesome! Daggers that channel magic. Instead, they are just slightly better than Zath daggers or Snakebite and that is only because I have a bladesmith on my bench.

But they aint.

Don’t put "Channels Sorcery or magic"n and have it not do that.

I feel really dumb.

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Add me to the scam. Totally pissed.

You’re pretty generous with other people’s money. “Channel raw magic into complex spells…” That’s way more than mere “overreaching.”

You gotta speak their language to maximize successful negotiation and remain emotionally detached in the process. You’re upset. I get that and you have every right to be so. I am hoping they do the right thing and see this is not the type of business they want to turn into. I’m actually on your side on this one and I don’t see why a refund can’t be done since these would be considered entitled gear and anything you made would be non usable once the transaction is reversed.


Im not mad basically disappointed as someone who as of know has purchased 4 copies with 2 sets of dlc I still love the game and as of now I am thinking its some sort of error between the item writers and the design team.

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