The Arcane weapons and misleading descriptions

So I’ve been playing Conan Exiles on steam for over 4 years, have nearly 3k hours and I felt I needed to make a forum account, just for this one, in my mind grevious issue. The bazaar descriptions for the Arcane weapons flat out lies to the customer buying them, and that is not okay.

The Arcane Sword: “This wicked blade functions as both a weapon capable of razor slashes **and as a focus to channel raw magic into complex spells and invocations” **

It flat out doesn’t, it’s just a sword skin, but if we look at the actual in game casting equipment we see THIS description of the arcane staff:

“In ordinary hands, an arcane staff is a commonplace length of wood… this same length of wood becomes a powerful focus object capable of channeling raw magic into complex spells and invocations

This seems incredibly misleading when you use the exact terminology on an item used to cast magic, and on an item that specifically mentions being able to be used to cast magic, but cannot. This to me as a paying customer is not okay. If it was just advertised as a skin, that’s fine, but why does the description word for word mention a functionality the items do not have?


I hear ya. I should have checked the forums before I bought this today, but I didn’t bother because I am not always on them. I was coming to submit a bug report.

I could have used that coin for the next battle pass, but I thought these would be cool. Sadly I feel duped and unhappy with the outcome.


Yeah both staff and sword doesn’t do what description says, made me slightly pissed with Funcom since i paid for battlepass…
Staff wont allowe hitting anything, sword wont allow casting spells… So thats a “scam” discription in my book.
In fact i find sorcery to be very limited in general, sorcery system from Age Of calamitous oth is awesome but that mod is not working properly with 3.x+

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See here:

I have a feeling they MAY have, at some point, thought that the sword could be used as a channeling device but it got changed during development and they forgot to update texts. Or some other similar misunderstanding…


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