Misleading battle pass/bazaar descriptions and P2W

So I’ve been thinking about this. It seems like obviously if the description in the bazaar or BP says that an arcane weapon is a weapon and a focus, it should do both. Or if something says it stores items, it should maybe… store items?

Except, there’s nothing in the base game that is both a weapon and a focus. And correct me if I’m wrong but the bookshelf(?) thing had a big storage capacity for it’s material cost. That’s not pay to win I guess because it’s flimsy storage. But if the only way to get a weapon that’s also an arcane focus is via the BP or BLB, that’d definitely be paying for an in-game advantage, which they pledged not to do. So maybe that’s why it doesn’t do both?

I guess I’m saying, we should be careful what we ask for. I now think the arcane armaments should be weapons only until a weapon+focus item is available in the base game.

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It’s functionally impossible to get the weapon to be a focus and a weapon on consoles. That was straight up marketing using RP verbiage to sell "arcane " and not thinking those words suggest additional function in game.

The curio has another disadvantage. It’s bright…not a torch bright but definitely kiln bright.

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You mean that gigantic monstrous thing that only fits in a dedicated sorcery room and has like 250 slots? :stuck_out_tongue: Meh… as others pointed out if you actually stack normal chests in the same footprint, you’ll end up with even more storage that also has more armor.

I think it doesn’t do both simply because it would be extremely impractical… and I would not call it pay to win… I would actually call it “pay to lose” if there even is such a thing :smiley:

Why? Because the focus item and weapons share input… so how would that cast a spell?..
Imagine you’re fighting someone and you’re about to land a killing blow finisher to save your life… and instead your character gets stuck in an animation while floating stones with runes carved on them levitate infront of you… Doesn’t sound very practical now does it? :stuck_out_tongue:

The only combat input not used by all the weapons would be the block / kick key and I have seen some people suggest that! By all means :slight_smile: Have at it! (more pay-to-lose)… Even for those weapons it’ll remove your kick ability… and what happens if you use a shield with them?

So until they remap the key-bindings and add additional keys for spellcasting, I simply don’t see this happening, in which case the same change would probably come to the base game too


:sweat_smile: You’re right, I didn’t think of that.

Regardless though - if it were possible, and they did do both, and there was nothing comparable outside the BLB and BP… then it would be P2W.

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or P2L, depending on how it would work out for the end user :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would hope so.

I’m having trouble seeing how it would be P2W when it wouldn’t give any real advantage in PVP. It could be argued that removing the half a second it takes to switch weapons could be advantageous, but that’s made useless by the amount of time it takes to cast a spell.

To me it seems more geared towards feeling cool in PVE or RP, but I do think they should add something similar for the non-paying part of the community. That is, if they make it do what the description says.

Tap shoulder button for melee, hold shoulder button for spellcasting.

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The cries of P2W on these forums are often exaggerated. For example, people claimed that it was P2W that you couldn’t loot a normal armor that was transmogged with a BP/BLB illusion.

Yeah, it certainly demotivates your enemies, but it’s not really pay to win. It’s “pay to make your enemies grumble”.

Regardless of the technical feasibility, what would be the real advantage of having an item be usable as a weapon and a focus? Are situations where you would have to switch from a weapon to a focus (or vice versa) really so common and is the advantage really something that would decide a battle?

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:rofl: Hell I do it for free most of the time.


People shouldn’t take flavor text as anything but descriptive fluff. Pretty sure the Bazaar already had a disclaimer that everything was cosmetic in nature. People just ignored that and let themselves believe flavor text = functional reality.

Yea on that note… it would be nice if everything in the game would have a clear stat page :stuck_out_tongue:
Arcane curio cabinet:

  • height 1.5 foundations
  • 250 slot storage capacity
  • wouldn’t put it in grandma’s room…
  • blablabla

You know :smiley:


The line between flavour text and false advertising should not be a fine one.

The information in the Bazaar is worse than most used car lots. Little info and a chunk of that present is misleading.

However, none of this is Pay to Win.
It’s pay for advantage in some cases.


:fire: :rofl:

@CodeMage and @LostBrythunian and @Xevyr

Yes, yes, technically it’s not Pay to Win. You are all the best kind of correct :grin: How does one “win” at Conan Exiles, anyway?

Everything isn’t though. Plenty of the stuff is functional. It’s just that some of it isn’t, and it’s unclear which is which. I imagine especially unclear if you’re new to the game (and to Funcom!)

I think you may have all slightly missed the main point of the post. Perhaps because I buried it at the end:

I’m not crying pay-to-win. I’m saying that Funcom have committed not to put anything behind a paywall that might bring an in-game advantage. People are asking for the arcane armaments to be effectively a new type of wieldable tool. Which would be behind the paywall, and which might bring an advantage. Might. None of us can predict how disruptive new tech introduced to an existing system will really be until it’s out there (and people are trying to furiously use it to break the game).

I’m saying if they caved on this, they would have a precedent to point to in future and say “look, we said we weren’t going to sell anything that might be an advantage. But you all asked for it. Now, how about twenty bucks for this OP armour?”

I don’t think they really need a precedent. If they decide that’s the best way to get revenue, they’ll do it, precedents be damned. This notion that they need to justify their decisions to the community is charmingly romantic :wink:


Well. That’s… that seems true.

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I know!!! Smack the enemy with that giant cabinet! :smiley: He’ll die for sure!

New meta: Curio drops!!! Use the flying bat-demon to drop that cabinet (all 250 slots filled with tar or explosive jars) on the enemy base!



This one has won!
Not in PvE, that’s still not possible.
The Mummy of the Ring and Toth Amon still hide in terror from this one…

But this one has won PvP.
It looks like dancing naked except for a Lemurian Mask and Stygian Nipple Clamps in the collapsed ruins of a clan’s base, that one just leveled with a god token crafted with their own resources, and having just dropped all their named crafters at the bottom of the sea in the Dagon Dungeon. The win comes when the clan returns from raiding this one’s shell structure, and sees they have three foundation pieces, a wall, and two torches left and some crazy person doing a Hakka over the mountain of their inadequacies.

It can also look like a bad T-shirt joke.

This one’s next PvP win streak will be serial crushings only. Every kill must be accomplished via goomba stomps, preferably loaded with gear/materials looted from them.

For this one, the more advantage the enemy has, the better.
If it’s fair, it isn’t fun.
That said, this one does not think this is how anyone else should play the game.


If you mean the arcade curio stand, its exactly same as a cupboard except with a door-opening animation. Its also really large in physical dimensions.

And frankly I dont personally give a flying f for what its material cost is. You build it or you dont. I can spend a fragment of power to craft a metallic skull that does nothing.

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I actually really like the metallic skull. I use it in hidden bases in PVP all the time. Tired of trying to find that important chest in the dark, but don’t want to give away your base location? Try putting a skull with glowy eyes on top of it and worry no more!

Of course, the kindling fire now does the same thing without a fragment of power. But it’s not quite so badass.