Bigger Casting Bars?

Apparently my eyesight has become a bit dodgy over the last 11 years since I first started playing AOC. I can’t see the text written in the cast/timer bars any more. So, without visiting the optometrist for a pair of new glasses, is there way to get bigger cast bars so I can read what is being cast?

I’m happy running with the basic ui and don’t particularly want to install a custom one if I can get away with it. Are there just some custom cast bars I can install or do I have to go with an entire custom ui?

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I like this too, running on 4k makes all text sooo small. Should be possible with messing in the ui files… I could enlarge some other things already

StrangeUI comes with flash module castbar.swf that creates cast bars of bigger size and even showing the cast time in seconds (for both you and mobs). One drawback is it seem to overload log file with error messages, but it does work. You can use the modded UI or just the castbar part, in which case start it like so (yes unload it 1st, if it was started on another character before):
/unloadclip castbar.swf
/loadclip castbar.swf

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