Strange UI Flash Castbar not working

I’ve been struggling to get the flash castbars from Strange UI working. I’ve turned on the mod support and everything else works except that, I’ve used the ingame menu and everything.

Any ideas?

not working for me too

Meathooks of Meathook’s Minions came up to a solution to this problem, I’m just passing along the information.

Go to your Funcom\Age of Conan\Data\Gui\Aoc folder.
Inside you’ll find the “RF Position Controller” folder. Delete it.
Start the game and the Flash castbars should be working.

If they don’t just uninstall StrangeUI via their instructions:
Go to your Funcom\Age of Conan\Data\Gui folder.
Delete the “Aoc” folder and the “Customized” folder

Then go to the Strange UI and open it.
Go to Customized\Mod Foxcat\Aoc and delete the “RF Position Controller” folder.
Then reinstall StrangeUI with your AOC UI Installer like normal
Don’t forget to run Aoc.exe as administrator so all your modifications work.
Now you’ll never have to worry about the “RF Position Controller” folder ever again. Easier this way if you change your UI every so often.

All thanks go to Meathooks for this. Hope this resolves the Flash castbar issues for everyone.

Is there a way to save the position/color of the flash cast bars? Mine seem to reset to default after every game restart.

Unknown at this time. The flash castbars just started resetting their position back to default after the 08/16/2018 patch; at least for all my toons.