Moveable bottom portraits?

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I have downloaded the AOC UI Installer and have been using one from very early on of my playing. The thing is even when I haven’t used any of the UI mods, I have not been able to find where to remove the left & right portraits from being on the bottom of the screen. I’m not talking about the moveable target thing. I’m talking about the the right & left portrait that you’re able to “enable” or “disable” in the settings of the game. I really REALLY hate games that have the character portraits & target portrait (which is essentially what the “right portrait” is in this game) where its on the bottom. It is in an awkward spot for me visually because you have to look down to see those instead of just looking at a normal straight eyed viewing when you’re playing. I prefer to have those towards the top of the screen. Problem is, I can’t see anywhere in the default UI where I can move them from the bottom nor can I see in the AOC UI Installer UI mods (Corruption 2, DefaultUIEnhanced2.5.7, IKOS-UI-3-6-1, or Strange UI) where they have it in those mods.

the TL;DR of the post is: Anyone able to show me where/how to move the left/right portrait to the top using the default UI or mods from AOC UI Installer?

They are not moveable. You can only enable or disable them. if you want to change the position, the only way is to edit by yourself the CharPortraitLeft.xml and CharPortraitRight.xml at …\Age of Conan\Data\Gui\Customized\Views\HUD.

I did edit those files kazour mentioned. It was quite annoying because they are linked together somehow so if you change the left portrait the right one got screwed up. Took some time to get it the way i wanted, anyhow heres how that turned out.

I wanted the whole abilitybar to be moved up there too but didnt have patience for that :slight_smile:

Any chance you know which of the line of code I would need to tweak around with in order to see in-game changes to the location? I don’t mind having to tweak it, launch the game, view changes, close it if its not “right”, tweak again, rinse & repeat as needed. Its just I don’t know what I’m looking for since I’ve never done modding or altered those types of files.

Save the txt then /reloadui ingame, restart shouldnt be needed. I found a convo on discord where i got help playing around with it.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Looks like I’ve got plans for this weekend now because I don’t want to be fiddle farting with that until then lol

wow that looks awesome, are you able to share the files for your UI?

I cant. cos I formatted pc and game got deleted.

But the overall design of the UI you can get trough Moriala profile in StrangeUI. Its just that the player portrait and target portrait is moved higher. Guess u could edit it

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It just dawned on me there was more than one viewpoint in that YT video. I’m assuming you’re the TOS in it?