Bio Limitations

Hi Exiles and Siptahns,

I was recently having a lot of fun with my character and decided to write a backstory for him, just a paragraph or so.
I decided he was a former pirate and slaver as I was capturing a lot of named thralls at the time.
I tried to write about this in the in-game bio section for my character, and was told a certain word was not allowed.
The word is ‘slaver’.
Interestingly, I play on a Series X in an English speaking country, and the word presented on the screen in what I assume to be a ‘Nordic’ language, rather than in English. Can’t remember exactly how it was spelt in this other language.
Even more interestingly, I was wearing Hyperborean Slaver armour when I did this.
I attempted to write the bio twice, but typing on a console controller mostly sucks, and so I gave up after only two attempts, results were the same each time.

My point is that this is a remarkably stupid word to have banned in a game that features slavery, and slavery themed items/gear/play styles, etc.
I’m all for banning clearly offensive slurs; racist and sexist stuff, etc. But…

Anyway, this is not really the type of post that gets responded to, but I guess some likes might get it some attention from Crom and his servants.

Thanks for reading,
TrapKill :slight_smile:


Banned words are actually on Microsoft’s end.

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Would Subjugater work @TrapKill

To band the word slaver is ridiculous. How many posts have there been with words that are worse. Microsoft seems to be over reacting.

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Mainly to do with gamertag creation afaik

Cool, makes sense. Thanks. Effing William Barriers.

I will probably do something like this; find a workaround with my old friend thesaurus.

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