Birthday not so fun when you loose items

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Yesterday was my Birthday [Sept 15] and I decided to Play some more Conan Exiles since I have been enjoying it. In the morning I purchased the debauchery DLC for a few new items, After checking it out and making a few new outfits for myself and my thralls I quit the game for an hour or so before returning, Upon returning to the game [single player} I found that a bunch of things were missing along with my horse, Nessa The Blade and Delinsia. It also put me back to the journey step "Find the source of the smoke in the distance. I noticed that when I went to restart it the game was still on the "disconnecting from server screen. This was not the first time that this has happened to me as the same thing happened about a week ago. Luckily my house and a lot of my equiptment were still there. Is there anyway to check for a save file from Sept. 14 or early Sept. 15 ?


I do not know how to answer your question but I would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :confetti_ball: :birthday:

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happy birthday!!.

And This game will teach you to be courageous!! :rofl::rofl:

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Thanks Menis appreciate it


I don’t know about being able to “check” the save file, but I have noticed that single player can have issues with saving on PS. Typically you want to check the event log and see if whatever you did last shows up. As I understand with this particular bug, it can be recognized by whether or not the event log is updating. Try putting taking something that would show up on it like dropping an item and letting it decay. Also, my friend said that she quits to the main menu and hasn’t had it happen since the first few times we noticed it a while back when she was just closing the game directly.

Happy birthday :gift:

I don’t know if this has been fixed. But there is a issue with the foundation pieces of the nemedian set which showed up since the launch of chapter one of age of war that causes boxes, ground decorations and crafting stations to disappear. Also at siptah as I heard that there is a similar bug at the two islands at the bottom of the map.

My advice to you is two things:
One: use vanilla foundation and ceiling for your building.

Two: if you are playing at siptah, build on the main land of the map.

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Welcome among us on the Cona Exiles forums .
I wish you a happy birthday (despite your setbacks).

Did you have a backup on the PSN cloud? If so, download this one. Remember to regularly make backups on the PSN cloud or on USB support.

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Happy birthday exile :grin: :birthday::tada::tada::tada::tada:. I wish i could help you recover but… If you are on single player you can fix some of these errors alone!
Go settings…
No wait i’ll send you pictures, it’s easier.
Now press options, settings, go to servers settings and double click X to be admin

Then go to your game menu (tap), go to followers with R1 amd see if you still have your followers. If you do then press options again and go in admin panel.
In admin panel tik the box that says ghost

Go under mace, they are sunken in the mace

To bring them up you just ask them to follow you one by one or if they are not so deep you can just use the standard procedure to move a thrall in guard position.
Now if they are not in your follower list at all…
Admin panel
Spawn npcs but tik the box under that says “Spawn as converted thrall item”

Take 3 Dalinsias, it’s your birthday after all :metal:. Tessa is not good :rofl:. I would press the entertainer too, it’s Lianele one of the best fighter dancers in game!

thanks jmk… did check my event log and nothing shows up, I did have cloud saves on PS5 but unfortunately when I realized the problem, I had gone back into the game to see if anything was different and so the only saves it showed were from that morning after it had already happened. Im back on XBOX at the moment .

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Thanks stelagel Humm I didn’t think of that at the time, thats a good idea. If I had thought of it I probably would have. Well Ive been playing on XBOX one since this happened waiting to see if admin responded so maybe I’ll go and do just that!

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It’s not right that these s…t happens! Thank you for providing your feedback in such a kind way. Have fun m8 even against all odds. For any other problem please provide feedback!

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