Ps4 bug home and all items disappeared

I’m playing Conan Exiles on my ps4. I’m hosting playing with 2 other friends co-op. The first bug we experienced was the game lagging and then crashed when we were fighting wolves. That deleted an hour of game play. The game ran fine afterwards. The second bug happened after playing co-op with 1 person another friend started to join our game while I was mid fight and my screen froze and kicked them out of the game. When I restarted the game I was in a different location from 30 minutes prior and i noticed my house and everything inside was gone and also my friend’s home. Can this bug be fixed to get our stuff back??


I feel your pain


The way I understand it you can only have 2 players in co-op when you’re 3 player tried to enter probably causing a freeze
Make sure when you logout to update your bed or bedroll and exit game properly. Welcome to the Forum

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No nothing Funcom can do for you you install a thumb drive and save your game to it on a regular basis for backup

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I have an issue with isle of siptah. I log in and cannot see enemies (other than healthbar) and when I log out and log back in: I’ve been reverted back to the island survivor journey. There’s no game progression. Please help. I’m playing on the ps4 console.

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Welcome to the Forum. We are on 8090 pve-c. Hyenas dogs are sometimes invisible but not always already had a level sixty character so I turn off progression with that one. Level 30 something progression is working when I bother.

You can file a Zendesk report to Zendesk Funcom. Com

I tried to find the Zendesk form on funcom but couldn’t find it. Please tell me where I can file the bug report.

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Zendesk Funcom. COM

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