Black Basar Dungeon Walls

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I just bought the Dungeon Walls from the bazaar. There’s a lot I like about the set, but…

Has the set been tested? The pieces hardly fit together at all. The “ceiling” is a quarter circle (with a fantastic grid ceiling), but it can’t be connected to any wall.

The ceiling is a foundation block with a different surface. I have NO idea what to build with it that goes beyond my daughter’s building blocks - which is a shame, given all the wonderful components you can make the most fantastic things with.

So please… get back to it.

P.S. Would like to load up Pictures, but “New Users can´t.”


There are two types of ceiling pieces in the Lost Dungeon set at present. In order to properly build a ceiling, place your dungeon wall first, then place the non grated dungeon ceiling on top of the wall (as if it’s the top layer of the wall), then snap the grated ceiling pieces to the top layer

With the new Bazaar sets, they are introducing new build elements, which this one supports.
However, they don’t always interface in ways that are familiar to us and can be janky, or have the appearance of jank.

The learning curve from the outside can be a thing.

The thick ceilings are intentional. Giving the skylights significant depth to show a dank dungeon deep in the foundation of the base

I’m still playing with the set as well. I think it works best with nemedian be a use I hate the wood based foundations

Nemedian foundations and fence foundations really did feel like they were for a different, log cabin set.

If only the dungeon could actually sink deep into the ground into a sub level…


I know exactly what you mean, because I also bought the set.

however, there is a thing to understand about this set:

  • Its walls are foundation-size.
  • Its roofs (both the named roof piece and the one with the circular opening) are foundation size.
  • I also thought that there is a half-thickness wall missing to go with the circular opening pieces, but there isn’t. Cause that is not a piece with a roof, its an actual roof piece. You are supposed to use the whole thing as roof.
  • The only thing separating the roof piece from the foundation piece, is that the roof can be placed over nothing like a roof.
  • The wall piece is the same as foundation piece, except it doesnt have the surface tiles to walk on.

TL:DR: everything in this set is foundation size. You are supposed to build foundation-size walls, and foundation-thickness roof.

There isnt much to do with this set, although chapter 3 will be bringing us vaulted ceilings and a spiral staircase at least. The bad news is that its probably a separate bazaar item… Hopefully not.

ps. If I am being brutally honest, I feel this set was rushed to get something for the bazaar and suffers for it. It has the absolute minimum as far as building sets go. Sets without triangular pieces are very weak. This set in particular is probably the weakest bazaar release so far.

I absolutely love the dark color scheme though, and I wish this was a proper set.

pps. I dont think currently there is any build set that goes well with this. (although I dont own Nemedian)

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Just to hammer home the thing that bothered both me and the OT:

Not like this

Like this

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Welcome to the forum @Rhyhrwyne.

This can be settled from you. Read a couple topics, give a couple replies and by tomorrow you’ll be able to share photos, worry not.

That makes us two then!

Every color matches with black and white. So Argossean, Aquilonian, black ice and storm glass are available to match. So far i match it with the marble shaped pieces of argossean, fence foundation lines of argossean and dungeon foundations give a “different” floor especially in your basement.

A glimpse…

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I almost thought so. Then the building block system is actually intentional. Well, I wouldn’t have expected that.

Well, it may fit in with the arena set. Or the Nemedian (which I haven’t tried yet). I don’t find it visually appealing - a connecting and centre piece would have worked wonders here for the “lattice roof” to create 3x3 cells.

Well, but what do I expect. It’s not a game for architects. The accessories in the pack are nice for immersion. It’s a shame about the other parts, because the idea is basically good.

I won’t be able to spend much time in this forum. I have my own titles I’m working on. What can I say? Even game developers like to play sometimes.

Thank you for your replys.

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