Dungeon building set foundation same as ceiling

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I purchased the lost dungeon building set and the ceiling amd foundation are exactly the same piece.

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on the contrary, I think the new dungeon build set foundation looks great - finally a decent looking foundation tiles. Additionally - why would you want to have it as a normal piece and not foundations? Usually IRL dungeons and cellars are at the bottom of the building - making the foundations of the building.

What I am missing is a triangle foundation piece - the ‘wedge’. @Funcom: please add the wedge foundation piece to the set ASAP :slight_smile: - thank you!

It was mentioned new building styles will look different at we go into new Ages. And not, ceiling and foundations aren’t the same. YES, they are both cubes, to give the idea you’re in a damn dungeon, with no escape, this is why the one ceiling piece with the grate, has a long hole in it, to give the idea you’re in a long dark pit of despair. However, the ceiling piece can be told the difference between a foundation, by the black rim at the top and bottom. The foundation doesn’t, only on the top piece. Again, they’re cubes, but aren’t foundations, because the ceiling isn’t stable.

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