Black Hand Armor Recipe Location

Can someone please tell me where to get this?

I have had it before on another server. I know this because I can still log in to that character and clearly see I can craft black hand armor.

And no I’m not talking about the buccaneer Boots and eye patch. That’s not the Black Hand armor.

Everything google comes up with is the buccaneer, which the hooks still arent craft able. I want the chest and legs and boots WITHOUT the peg leg. And I’ve completely forgotten where its at.

I think there should be an armorer in game able to do it, a named thrall for sure, but I have no idea which. Your other choice is to get the armor as loot off the black hand camps, and use kits when you want to repair it. Afaik the recipies are not available or listed as feature, nor can they be found, but I may be wrong on the last one. When I get to play, I will drop by all black hand camps and look closely around for a parchment, armor stand, weapon, or anything that could provide the recipies and have a good look all around.

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If are you speaking about regular black hand vest and pants is not a recipe you can learn, is armorer related.

You need a T3 or named armorer from Black Hand faction, like Shendelzare, Jehungir Horseshoe, Irniz of the Furnace, Ogrus Iron-eater or Joka Ironfist to craft it.

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Hmmmm ok thabks guys. Could sworn I had a recipe

Trust me, I’ve built a fake galleon in the river and dressed all my thralls on it with black hand armor, the recipe exists but it’s the one for wooden legs, hearrings eyepatches etc., but the vest and trousers are made by the right armorer not by recipe :wink:

Obviously if you’re speaking about Black Hand Trousers and black hand vest, the new corsair armor is crafted by recipe instead.

Which looks ugly af

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