Anyone find any of the new recipe locations?

I’ve been running through the buccaneer area in the jungle, which I’m assuming the recipe can be found, but I’m not having any luck. Are they actual recipes to learn, or do I have to find a T3 or higher armorer??

I think in one of the dev streams they hinted towards the location, was wondering if we’ll learn it much like with those props for the Hyena and Relic Hunter armour recipes.

Yeah, I was running around hoping to find some sort of prop for it, but unless I’m blind, I haven’t seen one yet. All the guys are wearing black hand armor with peg legs and hook hands, so I feel like it’s GOT to be there. lol

I think Jens grabbed the hook recipe up top of the big shipwreck.

Thank you, I will check here in a moment, once I die in the volcano. lol


I was able to find a journal on a bench right before the top floor of that area. It taught me both peg legs, black hand boots/ear-rings, and the eyepatch. Unfortunately, no hook hand, though. Gotta keep searching.

Relic Hunter armor: go through the southern most gate of Sepermeru and follow the road inside the city towards the northwest. After a short walk, on your left side, you’ll find a building with a double doorway, with one door slightly ajar. On the roof of the right side of the building is an armor stand, click on the stand.

Hyena-fur armor: There’s an armor stand topped by a hyena-skull helmet next to a couple of wooden cages next to the cliffs on the west side of the Black Hand camp called Scoundrel’s Gateway. Click on the stand.

Lemurian armor: Click on the Witch Queen’s throne after you’ve defeated her

Obsidian weapons/tools: Click on the fallen lorestone behind and to the right of the shielded area in the boss fight building in the serpent-men city (i.e. after going through the Well of Skelos). If you’re looting the row of four chests at the back of the room, turn right. I can be hard to see in the dark lighting in that room.


Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

Of course, one has to wonder…if Hyena and Relic Hunters have gotten their own stand recipes…what about the Black Hand armor? Anyone find a stand or journal for that anywhere…other than the Boots, earrings and peg-legs, I mean?

The armorers I got from the Galleon still make the chest/leggings, so I have a feeling there’s no recipe for it…yet.

Any idea where the hook hand is?? Or would I need an armorer or blacksmith for it??

By the flavour text, it looks like the hook hands were supposed to be included in with the peg-legs, but they forgot to add them.

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