Black Ice and the Problem with it (never change things to fast!)

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I will make attentive you to a Problem with Black ice and the Temple of Ymir.
you can make Black ice in the Temple , right?
for 20 ice Shards.
because of whining ice shards are only obtainable over humans.
20 ice shards are 20 killings, what is no Problem.
for a black ice sword you need 20 Black ice what makes a kill counter of 400----yes 400 humans.
what is absolutly nonsens.
or make this sense to you?
i know Black ice is obtainable over mining (north,vulcano etc) with a good rate,
but over shards is absolutly a punch in the face.
Please Funcom when you change anything … dont do it before thinking.
Before change you can have ice shards from everything and then you change this… only this… not the whole chain structure.

please forgive bad english.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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From responses I’ve seen in other threads, I expect a Funcom representative to say that it’s working as intended, if they reply at all.

Yeha, I took Ymir on a guy I made and it’s nearly unplayable. They forgot to rebalance the required materials when they changed how you get shards. Even upgrading the altar takes a lot of shards. No other altar does.