Black Knight armor is bugged

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: EU

The black knight armor is bugged. The epic version currently only give +3 vitatity ?

Another issue with Black Knight armor is that if you have Flawless pieces made pre-patch, the head/hood cannot be repaired by the same Master Armor Patch Kits that repair the chest, arms, legs, and feet (at least not with a weight reduction kit). This problem is not present with similar Eldarium sets like Frost Giant.

Its not just the black knight armor, i tested all delving bench armors and here is a list with all the item numbers including their issues:

epic armors:
95256 no str bonus
95258 no str bonus
95466 no agility bonus
95453 no agility bonus
95226 no encumberance bonus
95228 no encumberance bonus
95286 no vit bonus
95288 no vit bonus
95436 no agility bonus
95438 no agility bonus
95406 no encumberance bonus
95408 no encumberance bonus

non epic version issue:
95452 purple frame on basic armor
95453 purple frame on basic armor
95454 purple frame on basic armor

Its only affecting armors which give 2 different bonus stats, and mainly chest and leg pieces.

use legendary, BK is not a superior armor you shouldnt be able to repair it with normal non legendary patch kits.

i believe its already fixed internally , and has been marked in their known issues?

Well sure, those just grow on trees…

they drop frequently from several bosses in the game XD. wait are we talking of the epic or the regular one? (non epic version of it? ) if non epic yes, makes no sense to have it use the legendary patch kits

I don’t know, cant see a list with already known issues?
This was from my testing right after the patch as i noticed my build is rip lol…

Nevermind, we just discovered that T4 Armorers (at least those with the Hammer symbol anyway) can make Legendary Armor Patch Kits at the Tinker’s Bench. So yeah, effectively growing on trees now.

Crisis averted! :smiley:

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