Black Lotus Rogues Recruiting

About Black Lotus Rogues:

Black Lotus Rogues a social progressive raiding guild, we’ve always valued a tight close community where less is more, preferring a small group of dedicated raiders over big numbers. Black Lotus Rogues feels every member’s contribution is important, and participation is the key to success and progress.
We try to keep things stress free, fun and mature. We value the fact that if someone is having a problem or issue with something or someone in guild you can bring it to an officer’s attention, plan a meeting and discuss the way we can resolve things.

Black Lotus Rogues City:

We currently use Discord for voice communication and soon to start using the new Guilded website for our Raid planning, Raid sign-up and Voice communication for in guild raids. We also run a guild bot so members can time train all those vital AA’s.
As many other guilds in Age of Conan our guild city is T3 and renown level 20. We also have a T3 Battle Keep in Aquilonian End if you also enjoy PvP.

Black Lotus Rogues Raids:

Main raids will require you to sign up for what you have determined is your main class on the raid calendar. There will be no exceptions to the rule. This puts things in black and white so no one is overlooked during a raid.

Black Lotus Rogues Recruiting:

Black Lotus Rogues is offering you a chance to join our relaxed, fun and progression minded guild. This is your chance to experience every aspect the game has to offer in a friendly competitive atmosphere.

We expect a lot from you, and in return we offer you the chance to join us in keeping our guild progressing through end game raiding progression.

Besides a friendly atmosphere, we offer you a challenge to push yourself to learn and progress.

Are you interested in PVE raiding and a good social atmosphere with other players pushing you to become the best? If so, then there is no better place for you than Black Lotus Rogues.

But be aware that we expect all applicants to be mature and behave accordingly. Behave in a respectful manner towards guildmembers and non-guildmembers alike.

Black Lotus Rogues is currently recruiting all classes for our raid force: With the following classes in high demand.

  • Guard
  • Tempest of Set
  • Conqueror

We are looking for Veterans, Returning Players or New Players (must be willing to put in hard core effort to obtain proper gear/AA’s) for our main raids focusing on T4, T5 and T6. If you have any questions contact Kittycatdt or ask for a BLR officer in global chat in game. All classes are needed and are welcome to apply.

To apply to guild visit

Thank you for your interest.

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Is it still a requirement to have Discord to hear what is happening in Guild chat among the regulars?

And if you do download Discord and go to the guild room, do you get asked " who the f*** is this that just logged in voice"

Just curious if things have changed?

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