Do you have what it takes to be a Legend

Legends Resurrection

What we are looking for in our members is experience in their class. They have to be mature, respectful and friendly to other guild members.

Legends is a friendly guild heading towards a great society that both work and play together.

We are one of the most active English-speaking international guild.
Our main focus is high tier raiding, but we also enjoy the social side of the game. Many of our members are also interested in PvP.

We can offer you a mature and stable haven on your travels through Hyboria with the opportunity to participate in many guild activities. Our guild owns a renown 20 full T3 guild city + T3 BK, website with raidplanner, Discord and a guild bot. We believe that Strats teaching will give EXP in raiding so we are willing to invest time teaching ppl strats as long as they show us that they are willing to improve and play not to be carried in raids.

We are looking for people that are dedicated to end game raiding .

what do we offer ??
*24/7 active guild ( our members are from NA - SA - Europe - Middle east - Korea - Aus )
*T6 Main Raid ( T6 cleared )
*T6 Alt Raid ( T6 cleared )
*T5 Raid ( T5 cleared )
*Casual 3.5 or T4 when we feel like it
*6 Man Dungeons runs
*BK buffs
what are we expecting from you ??

*Knowing how your class work + raid awareness ( no RF heroes plz )
*Being able to understand English
*Helpful to your Guild mates
*No whining or disrespecting Guild mates
*Being a good example and a role model in representing our guild tag whenever playing with None-guildies aka PUGS

If you feel that you meet our requirement and you feel Legends might be the perfect home for you in Hyboria dont hesitate to drop your application on our website

Website :

Our ingame contacts :

Hamanx … Guild Leader

Filon , Jwalker , Bonita , Darthdem , Anubium … Officers

Iam looking for a new active guild I tried submitting a application but the class section was limited…are you only recruiting certain classes ?

Legends Recruitment status as of May 21st 2019 :slight_smile:

we are looking for
1 DT
1 Barb
1 Sin
1 Tos
1 Hox

For our T6 main raid …

T6 ALT raid roster is currently full …