Where do you learn the T-5 and T-6 Raids?

Funcom made their Raids so difficult you need teamspeak (VOIP) and “EXP” before anyone will allow you on their raids. However, you can’t get “EXP” unless you can do the mission so it becomes a Catch-22 conundrum. Too many players get boxed out of continuing the game by this.

Once upon a time you could find guides for Raids on the forums and players even made YouTube guides, but these are mostly for the game at the time Godslayer came out and earlier, no T-5 or T-6 stuff. Are there any guides to give you an idea how to do any of these raids?

I have been subbed and active in AoC since May 2008, never done a T-5 or T-6 Raid and very few T-3.5 and T-4’s for that matter. Funcom should put out some guides maybe or dare I say it, update Raidfinder with a RF*2 version.

Took me 3 seconds to google t6 strats, here you go:

Took me 5 seconds to google the t5 strats, here you go:

Videos of all t5 and t6 fights are on this channel:

didn’t try Google, but does this count as “EXP”? I guess you could lie and hope you don’t get kicked. I suppose you would need to know the locations for these raids to pull that off though which I guess you are just supposed to know by looking on Google?

Maybe join a guild that does T5/6? Though if you haven’t done much raiding, you will need to prove to them you can handle it.

I can usually fill the given team role and my characters are well geared with most AA’s leveled to max. So any T-5, T-6 guilds want an active 10.97 year vet?

These forums really suck for being to find guild recruitments so it’s no wonder you missed this one:

European time zone guild.

Reading the tactics does not count as being EXPed for most people but it’s a good start to get into raids that way if you already have a general idea of how the raid works.
Getting into a regular raidforce makes it easier to learn the tactics, random raids are not a great place to learn.

i’ll check it out. GMT works for me ok. I am always polite.

I was under the impression that was what RF was intended for ?See the content and mechanics with a group of 23 strangers and be ready for the real deal ?Yes ?

Or if raiding in USA EST nighttime is more convenient, check if Meathook Minions is still recruiting. I saw an advert ingame from them a couple of weeks ago.

RF is nothing like the “real deal”. The encounters in RF are so nerfed that they have little to no value in learning how to do “real” raids. When someone joins a raid saying he/she has only done the encounter in RF, the first step will be to explain how the raid really works.

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Whilst you are correct in general, what I’ve found is the T6 RFs have been useful in making people aware of aspects of the fights.
Since RF came out, often the starting point for teaching T6 is:
“So have you done this fight in RF? Good, OK it’s similar except for…”
So in a way the T6 RF gives the naive player an overview of what to expect … so in a real T6 when the RL is explaining something like: the Vicious Seed, Mortar/lotus fixation, living lotus bombs, scorpion spawns, the listener has at least seen these happen and can adjust more easily to what is required for the real raid version.

And of course, someone who wants to learn could try to find someone who KNOWS the tactics to group with them in the RF and explain the difference during the fights.

I’ve taught t3.5, t4, t5 and t6 to friends by walking them through cleared raid instances and explaining in detail what to expect … and they’ve gone on to do the real raids with minimal difficulty.

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If you join a guild that raids T5/T6 and you enter with an attitude that’s willing to learn then it will be a piece of cake.

Read guides/watch videos before you enter the raids
Focus on what you specificly need to worry about in the beginning. If you’re on a dps you don’t need to think about every single job/mechanic in the fight yet. Then you will just get overwhelmed with information you’ll forget immidietly anyways.
Also going on a class that you are comfterable on helps a lot obviously.
Have veterans going through empty instances with you (like Kwalya said, I do this all the time as well, and I get very exited when new players show initiative and that they WANT to learn)

In a lot of raid forces I’ve seen the people that struggles the most are often people that have been there for quite a while. While new players that are willing to learn usually ends up being some of the best performers.