!PS4! PVE-C @ (ALL REGIONS/TIME ZONES WELCOME!)-CLANS RECRUITING - (DLC [email protected] market) (HIGHLY maintained) (FRESH AND CLEAN!)(NO BUILD DAMAGE) (VERY ACTIVE ADMIN TEAM) @[email protected] [email protected]!HARD MODE [email protected]@ GIVE IT A CLICK :) @@

A BIG WELCOME!!! To all Conan lovers!

To [email protected]

[email protected]

And players of all types !!!

Please! a moment of your time!, allow me to give you details of a new kind of Exiled Land!
A cleaner, more organised world, with a thriving community that grows more every [email protected]@[email protected]@

I am the primary Admin for The Rogue Oasis server!!

My name is Pete, my PSN is XS__DiViNitY.

My WhiteCoat Admins are:




Everyone here at the New Rogue Oasis have their eyes open in search for new and active players!! to join our large community!!

We welcome you to either to start fresh and create your own empire!!
or if you so choose! we have many thriving clans, who are more than happy to welcome a new rogue into our oasis, and in to their clan!!.

We have a very active team of admins here in the oasis! all are kind, generous, and totally adamant with the players about the rules and security int he server! we are always happy to help out! and always if possible, in a party with our fellow Rogues!

Each of my admins has his/her own role!
blue robes/ Royal armours are our build team! these guys help create useful areas, and event arenas around our server, they construct our security measures, and they can with white admin permission, assist players with most in game issues.

Red robes/ Royal armours are the demo team, these helpful players handle building control, claim breaks, spawn blocks, these such things, They have the same authorities as the Blue admins, except the responsibility falls on them to judge claim breaks, and demolish if necessary, though any substantial build demo’s must be cleared by a white admin.

The white robes/Royal armours, are your official admins, we do the player to player jobs, handle issues, change settings, and up hold the rules of the server, we have full authority over the oasis, but we prefer to just be normal players, but if we must step in and administrate, we will, and we do it well.



Those players, and, or clans, who have been with us long enough, and show enough spirit and helpful attitude, building potential, and are friendly to the players!

Are sometimes considered for R*Status within our server, witch gains them special discounts at the markets, And 2 builds fully funded from the admin panel, Plus first run on special server events ;).



We have a specific claim regime in place!, where each clan is entitled to claim 2 map squares, clans are limited to one if they have anything less than 3 players on their clan roster.

Within the oasis any clan leader, if He/She so chooses, can agree claim, to another player or clan, allowing this clan to build within their claim squares, so long as the admins are notified of the build.
if they wish, they can even rent the land to the interested party. (To Be Explained Further In)

All claims are instantly noted on the claim chart below.

New players who do not wish to claim a square, can of course put in a request to build within another clans territory, but the option is also their to build within any of the hallowed zones on the chart, [YELLOW].
So long as they remain clean and uncluttered, and the admins remain informed :slight_smile:

This is our current claim chart.



It is I expect easy to see just from this, we keep very tight control on who comes in and out of our server, and we keep note exactly of everyone’s chosen map squares.

Due to this, we have no building clutter, very small land claim settings, and are able to
(as a community)
build together structures to help the players. the legion Highway is pretty much constructed, it provides a road from the spawn lands ( Temple of Mitra between H/i-3 )

through the lands, with stops at intervals for travelling players, or new exiles on their way to their new lands.

The Admins I have chosen are very very involved within the oasis,
every clans chosen map squares, belong to that clan entirely, with obvious rules about spawns and resources within those squares, and we enforce it absolutely.

Building can be everywhere within their claim. so long as no spawns are blocked, and any player used passages, remain open.

The server password is only given by myself or another admin, and once a new player joins, they are required to tell us how they wish to continue!!

weather it be join a clan, or create one, claim a square, rent one, or build in a hallowed zone!

once chosen we will take note and mark the map chart,
new players are given our chart on enquiry, so they know witch map squares are taken.

The Oasis has 50 slots available,@@
We have worked out that with changing activity times, and varying new player choices,
there are more than enough map squares to go around, some people who want their own squares may not get ideal spots to their own preference, but they get 1 to 2 map squares of land for their clan that will never be built on by any other clan, it is ample space even with a full clan of 15.


We keep close eye on activity, and the password is changed every 3 weeks.
if a clan is inactive for 3 weeks, and is still not active when the password is changed, the demo team will visit there claim. and it will become available again to new players.

Holidays and time off if they exceed 3 weeks must be declared, and an additional 3 weeks will be given.

as you can see this server will be kept CLEAN, we have no players leaving their buildings abandoned, keeping claims from other newer, more active players. if you don’t play anymore then you don’t need a map square in the oasis.


-Password protected (Usually allows first connect and requests password on second)
-10x Resources, Experience.
-Shortest possible craft/re-spawn times.
-PVP active with no building damage.
-Purge Active 2 weeks per month on hardest setting ( fluctuating schedual )
Sandstorm active Tuesday to Friday, disabled Friday to Tuesday.
Night ends 5x quicker than day, long days.
Only suffer stamina drain on dodge and when encumbered.
Active PVP events, Challenges!
[ RAID NIGHT ] [highly administrated for griefer control]

“”"@@@ ATTRACTIONS @@@"""





At the moment! admins only, can spawn Bronze Coin into the game!
We have a special price list! and employment options, where our players can grind for, or work for, 1k BC per day!! capped to 1k per clan.
The only Bronze Coin in the server is that witch the players have worked for and recieved from us!!
Players must strive to trade with eachover! rent their land! use the currency we have introduced to become a true community!!

The Bronze coin each clan saves! can be spent at our various Markets!!
You can buy DLC , ANY DLC!, you can buy pets, thralls, weapons, armours! you can even buy premium items that only admins can spawn in!! if you save or trade for , enough bronze coin!!
We have a price list that is regularly posted in our large and highly active group chat!!

Check out the Markets!!

The aquilonian!

The Khitan!

The Pictish!

The Turanian!

And the Yamatai

You can even get all the latest Conan statues for your BronzeCoin
As you see we are working to have everything a player could want in this server!

If you want to come an build and create your Kingdom with us!! get in touch with me or one of my admins on here or on console!!

We are happy to supply starter kits and even materials DLC, or regular, (Limited amount) for your first build :).

come find your oasis :wink:
We look forward to meeting you :smiley:

Feel free to join the newly created discord channel!!

Once again, The White Coat Admins are:





One of us should be available at all times for questions, and new players!!, but Please allow for the occasional delay of course ;), as life has its usual responsibilities.

it is checked regularly and will ensure the fastest induction into the Oasis.


[email protected]@!TO THOSE WONDERING HOW HARD MODE, AND THE ADMIN VS PLAYER RAIDS [email protected]@!

RAID NIGHT! We admins prepare for the event, we build a fort, fortified differently each time! with mazes and traps, we will fill the chests with loot, and we will wear decent armour for you to try an loot from us!!

and you players come at us as you wish!!! try to break down the fort and beat down us admins and our NPC guards!!! and get the treasures within!!.
there is claim space for 2 clans to have a trebuchet in range of the fort.
All raid settings are active for duration of the event.
any greifers taking advantage of these events to raid other people, will meet a swift and heavy blow from my always ready ban hammer, and their claim will be removed from the oasis.

This is simple, one day of the week the oasis becomes as deadly as your avarage black mamba, stamina drain is increased, NPC damage is increased, along with their HP.
basically everything gets a buff, except you :wink:
designed for those long time players who find it easy now.


Map chart is updated frequently =]

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Hopefully we can get growing.

As a Recent addition, All players will receive Conan’s Atlantian Sword as part of their starter kit :slight_smile:

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Nilathak here from Nil’s Builds , looking for some people interested to join a very active clan with several Spanish/English speaking people. We build, we raid, we farm, so we need any type of player, just to keep doing what it does best to help each other out.
Nilathak es mi nombre, del clan “Nil’s Builds”, buscando gente interesda en unirse en un clan muy activo con muchos jugadores Ingles/Español. Contruimos, raideamos, farmeamos asi que necesitamos a cualquier tipo de jugador haciendo lo que mejor hace para ayudarnos entre todos.

This server is very active and admins are always looking for ways to improve your experience, from events, funny/distinctive builds, the ADMIN STORES!!!(great things where you exchange silver/gold for any item from any DLC or not) so … dunno what else to say, come join and enjoy.
Este servidor es MUY activo y los administradores estan siempre buscando maneras de mejorar la experiencia de juego, desde eventos, edificios graciosos/epicos y mi favorito las TIENDAS DE ADMIN (basicamente todo lo que esta en el juego sea DLC o no esta a la venta por oro o plata) asi que … no se que mas decirles, unanse y diviertanse.

Hope to see you on the Oasis. Thnks.
Espero verlos en el Oasis. Gracias.

Hello this is Corliss from Clan Fireclaw. If you enjoy building and apperciate a good community you should definitely give New Rogue Oasis a try. We are taking in new members right now. The admin team is very helpful and involved in the community.

Topic updated [post removed]

Joined this server, pretty good and well organized. The Admins are really awesome.

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Been on this server for awhile now and im not leaving anytime soon. There’s always an admin to question and you can build as big as you want. Perfect for me.

Are you still accepting new players?

Yeah :). Yoir welcome to claim map squares. Or join one of our clans :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone wishing to join a clan or create their own within the oasis just contact one of us admins :slight_smile: we are happy to get you started and send you our password:) given of course that our rules and server ideals are accepted :slight_smile:

The white coat team


Get your EYES on the MAP CHART people :slight_smile: its filling fast!!, the starter river, the jungle, the ice, there’s still a lot going!! even a few in the middle areas :P.

and yet we remain clean, and tidy, active, and chatty :slight_smile:
come new players, the oasis awaits!!

Sure , do u need more info?

We are the sons of Crom and we are a small clan with big ideas and an even bigger base. We have heaps of room to expand and take more slaves. We are happy to take new members who like to crush there enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentation of their women. You never know we could even earn the coveted royal status on the server. Our clan consists of 2 kiwi brothers, one living in Australia (me) and one in NZ.


is a great server, the admins are very attentive and it is an incredible community, servers like this give pleasure to keep playing

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This post was made before i updated the topic

Might need to find a few references to base prices on :stuck_out_tongue:

This Server is a decent server, I’ll admit it.
The Admins are generally active and responsive. They, however, like to echo the main admin Persius, so you are not heard at times. Within the Server, you are given two whole squares which isn’t bad. The problem with that is, you are not given freedom of building and are generally restricted to those 2 squares. Servers changes are frequently made at times without warning. Admin Persius is not completely sound of mind, but I won’t go in detail with that, but, let’s just say that he has a massive power-complex for being in control. Admin-abuse can happen. He builds strange structures for “helping” the server. If you do join the server, he set up a “Newbie” wall to educate you into on how to play and rules to follow. He builts a massive Black Ice Walkway that you will see when you log in. It impairs scenery and is rather ugly at look at it. He claims he makes events but has not followed through lately. He has favorites, will hear their voices over yours if you are not one. If you own the Day-One Edition, expect your Conan Royal Armor to be restricted, or else find another server. He wants that armor Admin only for him and his team.
Tldr; Decent Server with Power-Crazed Main Admin Persius with Yes-men, expect bans for weird things and then weird structures. Rogue Oasis, I recommend avoiding unless you’re fine with this, by all means Enjoy your time there! Oh, if you’re part of his team and builds things for him. He Claims that structure as his own work.