Black screen after a while playing

The game seems to run great but for some reason, after a while playing my pc will go into a black screen and won’t respond anymore.
I have windows 7, an i5, a 770 and 16 ram, how can I fix this?

Hello @Ziggurat, welcome to the forums!

We’ll need a few additional details in order to assist you with this issue.

Does the game eventually crash or does the black screen persist?
Is there any sound in the background?
Are your drivers and windows fully updated?
Do you have any similar issues running other games?

It seems like the game just crashes, the screen goes black and there’s no sound I can’t ctrl+alt+del or alt+tab, the pc just dies apparently, everything is fully updated and no that does not happen with any other game.

Is there any information written to the crash log?
You may find it within Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Unconquered\log\CrashLog.txt.

Have you tried to lower all graphical settings to see if the crashing persists?