Settings Apply = Black Screen

Every time i change anything in the settings and click Apply, I get a black screen that is only resolved by restarting my PC. This happening to anyone else ?

Nvidia GTX 1070

This also happends to me whenever I enter a game - sometimes is it 1 minutes, sometimes 15 but it always crashes. my graphics card stops and I have no display. It does not happen with any other game.

Did you manage to get this resolved?

I am having this issue as well i have reinstalled my conan game 6 times and whiped it 100% off my computer, uninstalled all my drivers and softwhere for my video card gtx 1070 and reinstalled i have uninstalled all that and ran the basic windows 10 video card drivers and yet the same thing, only happends oon Conan and loads game to cideos plays videos no prob then when it should hit the menu screen it is just a black screen showing the fps in the top left set at 68fps
getting very mad…i know the work around using steam server list but i need to get into the menu to take out a mod, because if you use the steam server list as a work around and go into a server with out the mod it just hangs saying you do not have this mod loaded and still tries to load into the game.

Hi guys!

I am having the same issue and I think it is caused by having an external or dual monitor. Do you happen to have 2 monitors in your setup?

Check my topic here, I explain more there… Black Screen on launch

Bobba I think your right. I have an external GPU and internal card I cannot disable. So technically I have two monitors, or so software thinks.