Black Shaded Squares & Lines On Desert Sand Texture

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Graphical Texture Bug]
Region: [Here]

So since the time I have been playing nearly around EA launch there is an area just after the futhest broken highway starting point that runs horizontal from east to west. That if you run or walk to or from where the sandy landscape is mostly flat and you can build on before entering the Oasis there’s a graphical bug with the texture. What happens is while walking or sprinting I’d see a black break in the sand a line that runs north and south. If I stopped and looked a little to the left or right depending on the direction I’m facing it would create a black shaded box below the line break.

Not sure if this is a leak in the map or some snapping issue or a actual texture bug. But I do like to build in this area and it would be nice if it was fixed. I can’t upload screenshots it says as I’m new here. And Steam won’t let me upload screenshots either. But I can share one once my ban has been lifted…