Blocked farming at #4502

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [LATAM]

The clan Legion has blocked every single pillar of brimstone near Klael’s Stronghold, a brimstone cave in G4 and 2/8 obelisks one of which my clan made a fortress.

Brazilian portuguese
O clã Legion bloqueou todos os pilares de enxofre próximos de Klael’s Stronghold, bloqueou também uma caverna onde tem mais enxofre em G4 e 2/8 obeliscos onde um deles era necessário para chegar à base que meu clã construiu.

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We’re sorry you’re experiencing a frustrating situation in an official server, unfortunately, this is our stance regarding harassment and griefing:

Being a PVP server, we’d recommend gathering other allies and rallying against the offending clan.

Also, the Updates and Bugs forum is meant to be used only for submitting issues with the game, which is why we’ll have to lock your post as it does not comply with our guideline: