Blood and Sand Pack


If I bought the Year 2 Session Pass then why should I pay for Conan Exiles - Blood and Sand Pack?

What did I get for SP2 so far?

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Blood and Sand is included in Year 2 Season Pass. Restart your steam.

  1. Turan
  2. Blood and Sand
  3. To follow
  4. To follow

To confirm, I just redeemed my Season Pass key on PC and it gave me instant access to Blood and Sand. I quit CE, typed in the key and redeemed, then loaded CE. It was there.


if u bought season 2 ,means that back then u did bought blood and sand also…
and wait 2 more dlcs till the end of year…

these r the reason u paid for


Ok ok thank you!
Just days ago my machine was not turned off :slight_smile:

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