Blood and Sand DLC

How do I purchase it and when?

If you bought the Game over Steam I think the DLC should be available there too

As Melcom said if you purchased from Steam you can get all of the DLC’s from Steam as well. Open steam and go to your list of games, click on exiles and you should see the option on the page.

It wasn’t there. Unless they haven’t released it yet?

I just looked at mine. It’s there. It was automatically selected and there was an update queued to download tomorrow.

If you haven’t bought it yet, select the game in your library and click “DLC” over on the right under the links section. It will take you to the page that has all DLC available for purchase, including season passes and such.

I purchased Year 2 season pass. As soon as the update on my PS4 today, I went to PS4 store and clicked download in dlc. I see it in my feats, because I’m a Master Mason. Make sure you Lear this in your feats, to unlock your dlc… seems dumb, but fine, we work for it.

I was really hoping for a new dungeon, map update, new placables, sadly just PVP crap with flags and cosmetic that’s PVP only…

Wish, Conan Exiles development team would cater to the PVE and role players for a change.

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It showed up about 10 AM PST, for $9.99.

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