Season pass 2 without all pack?

Hi, i bought the season pass 2 on the playstore fr and i see i havn’t the pack blood and sand, riders of hyboria and pleasure of derketo. But i have the turanian pack. And when i see on the info about the season pass 2 on the playstore it’s write there is this four pack in this season pass. Why ?

You may have try to install them manually please note if you have a debit or credit card linked to that account to remove it first in case it try’s to charge you for them separate also enable auto installation and updates give 5 min and check game for anything available to be installed on Xbox if I view the game it will tell me if anything can be installed try that and let me know if it works or not funcom is off on weekends so there is no official support right this second but just in case @Croms_Faithful he is on ps4 and could help you Ps I believe you were a ps4 player and I hope you don’t mind me called o n you just in case also I believe you can view the game like Xbox can or it use to last was ps3 so if you can’t find it he can help you find all of that

Hi @ZazouTV, another user has previously reported that he managed to solve a similar issue after deactivating and reactivating his system as primary, and then proceeding to restore the licenses.

More information in the following links:

Please let us know if this works out for you.


I had this problem with three of the packs in the year 2 pass. When I looked at the individual DLCs they said free with the option to download. I clicked and they unlocked in game :grinning:


resetting the licenses, solves the problem

Hi, it’s not working. I just have the turanian pack, no the 3 others. I have deactivate and reactivate my ps4 for primary ps4 and the manipulation for the licence but it’s still not working. Please someone can do somethings ?

Have you also tried to manually download all the individual DLCs as Andy has suggested?

If that still doesn’t work please attempt a full reinstall of the game.

I have had the same issue: Blood and sands DLC doesn’t work properly
I managed to fix it by going in the store and purchasing each individual DLC for 0.00€.


Good call this post has wandered for 2 years.

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