Own year 2 season pass, but no Riders of Hyboria Pack

I purchased the year 2 season pass in June of 2019, and have gotten all released dlc from it since then, but the Riders of Hyboria Pack wasn’t added to my steam account. The season pass says it includes the Ryders of Hyboria Pack so im not exactly sure whats the happs.

Funcom already knows. They are looking into it… Its always the same with PS4 and DLC stuff…

Have you restarted your steam?

Yes please, try to properly re-start steam. That’s needed for it to recognize the update :slight_smile:

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Same problem on ps4. so stay relaxed and wait. :v:t4:

Same issue here, Xbox One. I’m hoping Funcom gets on it. As I am the admin for my server and would like to get the ball rolling with some stuff.

Also, it just amuses me when folk talk about the game on steam when it has already been said the OP was using PS4. Heads up, not everyone uses PC and steam.

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