Hello, We are hosting a conan server with offline protection. We are coming from another server where some players could do as they wished and admins didnt care as long he got donations. So we made a new one.

We have installed Pippi mod, added a economy and working on a npc market.

Gonna make so war will be more diplomatic, ofc you can pvp anytime. but we will be adding in a system where people who do diplomatic wars gets rewarded when they win.

We want the playerbase to be part of the community and decide, so if you have suggestions,feedback or mods you would like and the majority of the playerbase wants it we will add it.

All we want is a community where everyone can enjoy and have fun.

Server ip:


The community is growing quite fast.

We have added in couple of new mods

You can now have se-x with thralls and other players, Force feed,handcuff and such.

Paragon system so you can lvl too 300 which gives you different bonuses at each 10 lvl gained. it wont make you overpowered but it gives a little bonus

Hyborian Body/armors and Passion body

item stacking have been increased to 10x so stuff that could only be stacked to 20 can now be stacked to 200

Lockable chests so you can put code locks on them (good if you got new players in a clan or want your own private chest in a clan)