Body decay time


anyone can tell me how long the body decay time is after dying? Yesterday we were in a dungeon, I died and when I reentered the dungeon the whole mobs where reset and I had to fight through them with my mate. When I got to my body all the stuff was gone, the body empty. To get there it took around 5-10 minutes.
If this is the decay time or lower, how can I raise it? I am running the server.

Thanks, stay happy

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It is not a G-Portal server. Is there any setting for it? Couldn’t find one yet.

Thanks, that’s right but there is now setting for dead player bodies.

Hm, so can you tell me what server setting handles the dead body decay time?

Thank you very much anyways :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure it’s around 30 mins, did you check your event log?
If the body was still there it’s very likely that someone removed your items before you got there.

It’s not the decay time. The most likely answer is that your body was looted. As far as I know, you should be able who did it by checking your event log. Before clicking on “Submit”, make sure that the “Friendly Inventory Access” and “Unauthorized Inventory Access” checkboxes are checked and that you’re either near the spot where you died or your “Proximity” is high enough to gather events from that spot.


So his friend looted his body?

It doesn’t make sense that the body would be there without any items unless it was looted, or this is a new bug.

I don’t see that. He did say it’s not a G-Portal server, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the coop. He could be using a different provider, or he could be hosting it himself by running a dedicated server on a machine he owns or controls.

You can also configure that for hosted servers, in the server settings.

It’s fine, dude, I’m not attacking you. I’m just trying to figure out his situation and how to help :slight_smile:


Sorry, I couldnt resist :smiley:

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