Body disappears , shelter does not save you from sandstorm

Official server PC 1808

On a mountain side I died while in shelter to a sandstorm (unexpected??). My body was not where I died but by carefully mousing over the spot where I knew I died I found my inventory in the rock of the mountain side. Another time I fell while climbing a mountain my body was nowhere to be found.

Other players are reporting their bodies disappearing after death.

Shelter must be full white (100%) to sandstorm not damage you, at least I haven’t seen any different than that, didnt die for a sandstorm yet while I could find some cover in mountains and ruins (players buildings ruins too).

Now the body disappearing is a thing indeed, they must fix it completely so people doenst stress out loosing their inventory.

Shelter at about 90% will protect you. Anything lower and you’re screwed.

OK but what about my body and inventory disappearing? It just happened again. Body marker where I died but no body or inventory to be found. This is STUPID and should be fixed ASAP. Never had this problem in Testlive before release.

Bodies are going into the ground. Found mine with just the feet sticking out of the ground.