Boss gets stuck in his invincible form, won't move anymore

Game version: 1.6
Type of issue: Bug
Mods: No, but I do have the DLC

Bug Description:

During the boss battle on Nihil, the Aspects are stuck in their “Particles form”. When you deal enough damage, they transform into invincible particles and are supposed to move someplace else. However this isn’t happening for me when around 2/3th of their HP is gone. They keep floating in this particles form in the same place and won’t budge, making it impossible to finish the level.

With the new update and DLC, I have customized the level. The main track that plays during the level is now “This is the End” while the boss track is “Infernal Invocation III: Dreaming in Distortion”. As for weapons, I mostly use the new gun added as part of the DLC.

I’ve noticed multiple occasions of boss delays while using either this gun or by using different music, but I’m not sure if these are the issue for the boss experiecing delays in patterns/outright being stuck.

Installed Mods:

Dream of the Beast DLC

Steps to Reproduce:

Step 1: Customize your music to “This is the End” and “Infernal Invocation III”
Step 2: Equip the new DLC gun
Step 3: Get to the end of the level (boss fight)
Step 4: Try to defeat the boss with only the new DLC gun
Step 5: The boss could/should eventually get stuck in his transparent particles form

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Thank you for your report. Can you also share with us from which store did you purchase your copy? (Steam, EGS, Microsoft store)

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Greetings form Heaven,

I’ve purchased my copy from Steam!


Thank you for your report. We shared the information with our team for more investigation.

We appreciate your patience while we review your case.