Nihil boss freeze bug

**Game version:LATEST
Type of issue: [BUG]
Mods: [ Are mods installed: | No ]

Bug Description:

enter the bossfight and when its half or less hp it dissapears with particles and dont come back.

Same here, unfortunately. (on PS5)

Can’t progress further in the game now :unamused:

Feels bad man I’m getting it too…

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Thank you for your reports. @VESGA and @xrequiem, could you share what platform you are playing on?

We await your reply.

Thought I would try and give some more information. I managed to resolve the issue.

Yesterday I did 3 runs through the Nihil level. Each time I was using The Hounds weapon in the final fight. After the ‘Aspect’ disappears for the first time, I activated the ‘Ultimate’ ability, and cleared the wave of regular enemies. At this point the ‘Aspect’ was supposed to return, but it remained in its ‘‘particle form’’, stationary, hovering in the center of the stage. No matter what I did or how long I waited, there was no way for me to continue the fight. I restarted and played through the level 3 times, but the same thing kept happening. So I turned the game off.

Today I first deleted the game from my SDD (PS5), and reinstalled it. This time I made my way through the level again, but in the final fight I only used the Hellcrow weapon, without using its ‘Ultimate’ ability. After the brief wave of regular enemies halfway through the fight, the ‘Aspect’ returned fully, as it’s supposed to, and I was able to finish the fight.

So either the clean install fixed it, or the different choice of weapon (& no ultimate) affected it somehow.
Hope this helps the team in any way for pinpointing a potential bugfix.

Finished the game and got the platinum trophy just now. LOVED it :grin: Sequel :wink: :metal:


I had the same bug, and i went through again no reinstall, used hounds, but no ultimate, and the boss didnt bug out. my best guess is something with you spawning a clone messes with that specific boss. hope this helps players and the devs.

Yep. I had the same feeling, spawning a clone (the Hounds ultimate ability) is most likely the reason why this bug happens.

Not a clone problem, did the level without bringing the hounds (pistols) still got the bug

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Same bug for me, playing on PC. Happened when boss was at 1/3 of its health.

id just like to add that i am experiencing this bug as well. I hope it can get fixed soon, as ive been having a great time playing thus far.

Same thing. Boss just doesn’t spawn back after second addwave.

I’ve played through the game before, I just come back from time to time to jam out and slay some demons, this never happened before the accessibility patch

Same on PC (Windows 10). I did use Hounds, but the copy was not summoned by the end of the enemy wave. Got the bug twice in a row.
The boss stucks when she says “Ride the lightning” - at 3/5 health left.

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Thank you for your report. We shared the information with our team for more investigation.

We appreciate your patience while we review this matter.

Just to add a Datapoint. Happened for me on Windows 10 21H1. I was using the Hounds ultimate when it happened, and using no ultimate in the entire fight got me through it. It happened when she should split into 4 at the very end of the fight.

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Yep same problem here (PC), also used the hounds without the ultimate or for that matter i used 0 ultimates on the boss


Did the devs fix the bug? Cause till now, the Nihil boss still “you would not believe your eyes, it’s ten million fireflies, keep freezing there and I can’t escape”??? :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

Not for me. Doesn’t seem to be ultimate attack related either. Did a no ultimates run (before and during boss fight) and it still bugged up. She says “Ride the lightning” and then nothing. Not going to bother trying a 5th run for a while.

I was playing in 1.5 in archdevil and it still hasn’t been patched.

I’m also still experiencing this bug.
Platform:PC (Win 10) [Steam]
App ID: 1061910
Build ID: 9999520
Difficulty: GOAT “Normal”

  • Primary: Vulcan
  • Secondary: The Hounds
  • Sigil 1: Ghost Rounds 3
  • Sigil 2: last breath Aegis 2


  • switch weapons quickly and almost exclusively use the Vulcan to fully utilize Ghost rounds

Number of times bug reproduced: 2

I don’t believe it’s this, but I did kill the last two adds at the same using the Vulcan before this bug was reproduced.

At this time I don’t possess the will to play the whole level again and test the repro condition against the above statement

EDIT: I’m thinking there might be a glitched enemy underground. I witnessed an enemy (the ones with the shields) fall under the ground a bit in an earlier part of the level. Unfortunately this is just a hunch, and I have no evidence to support that case

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update, I was able to work around this bug somehow with a different setup.
Loadout on imgur, just alter url to have this at the end (since I can’t post images or links): iXNTutS