Bosses spam same attack waaaaay to much (suggestion: couple second cooldown for each attack to stop spamming and force boss to use a different attack right away)

Don’t even have to explain this one, bosses are annoying as hell, not tough or anything but just bloody annoying when they spam the exact same knock down or lunge or spin attack attack 5 times in a row (looking at you red momma)

My suggestion is bosses should have a short couple second cool down for all knock down and lunge attacks, that way they don’t constantly get stuck in the same 5 attacks in a row (ie red mother doing her spin attack one after another)

This is just my own suggestion to stop the annoying attack spam most bosses do and get them to actually use their full move set

Red motha’ works fine to me. 3-4 steps, then fire breath, one or two more stomps than the spin attack. And sometimes the RAWWWWWR. Never encountered 5 tail spins (or even 2) in a row. Should be more diverse, and more clever, like… based on your actions it chooses the right attack formula, not just repeats those 3 attacks.
@drachenfeles I don’t have problem with huge AoE attack, I wish there could be more! More AoE attack, more very difficult to avoid attacks, etc… Because it is quite goofy that you can block a multiple tons of muscle and anger fueled stomp with a bone or wooden shield (or any shield).

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I think the red ■■■■■ needs a spin spin roll poke attack…

Silly filter strikes again!

@rolee9309, I don’t think @drachenfeles is talking about an AOE spin attack. I think he’s referring to the glitchy nature that allows oversized mobs to spin in place.

You are lining up a sneaky attack at the dragon’s hind quarters (while your thrall is tanking), and the next thing you know, the dragon has instantly spun 180 degrees and you are stuck inside it, unable to escape it’s next attack.


Oh okay, I get it now! I don’t know what’s with me, I start to get dumb. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Now this is annoying as hell, especially when they “climb” up on a 10 cm “tall” pebble and start spinning left and right like a drunk tornado. :laughing:

Or when red mother does a full circle of fire breath :sweat_smile:

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