Give all world bosses ranged attacks

Please give all the world bosses a ranged AoE attack to prevent players from range cheesing them and overall increasing their fun/difficulty. For example give the dragons fireball attack similar to exploding arrows, the tree boss can throw trees, give the black yeti rock throw, scorpion/ hive queen/ crocodile something similar to the dregs boss aoe poison puke. (attacks must be big aoe else people can just weave in and out with poison arrows.) This way people can’t just stand on a rock and get free gear.

Sorry, but no. Ranged AoE or even targeted attacks wouldn’t make sense for a lot of bosses.

Boss fights are terribly annoying and no fun anyway, due to their insane amounts of hitpoints.

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Sometimes you need to sacrifice realism for gameplay, the way people are cheesing these bosses atm without any challange looks a lot more stupid than giving them some arguably “out of place” ranged attacks. These attsaks would make the bossfights harder as well which is a reason to lower their hp

I see where you’re coming from, I do, but I think that players who want to cheese, can and will cheese - no matter what you do.

For better or worse (mostly better!) this game offers insane amounts of freedom, the downside being that it’s quite hard to railroad players into playing a certain way (outside of dungeons and other dedicated no-build zones anyway).

The definition of what exactly constitutes “cheese” also differs from player to player. For some, building a hunting tower and shooting from that while safely protected is smart gameplay, for others that same thing would be borderline cheating.

That is fine people shouldnt be forced to play a certain way, but let’s be real here, the ai is above avarage dumb in this game, there should be a way to make the fights at least a challange. If they make the monsters climb or run away when they cant get to you then that would be great, but they seem to not. Im fairly sure the majority of people prefers when the ai do unexpected moves that make you think, right now the fight is very brainless.

I entirely agree. That’s actually why I don’t believe it’ll be possible to do anything about it - they already gave bosses a bazillion hit points, and the response to that was people cheesing them with poison arrows.

For the record it’s entirely possible to bypass any and all attacks a monster might have, AOE or otherwise, and kill it with zero risk to yourself. While the method is hardly rocket science I’m not going to go into the particulars, well-known though it might be.

Oh I agree, I would much rather kill monsters by my skill or brains than by simply figuring out the easiest way to deal with the HP sponge.

As I like to say, “fair fights are for those who like to lose 50 % of the time”. Damn right am I going to use every advantage I have over NPC’s - most importantly, strategy.

If you give world bosses a way to reach me from anywhere, and hit me hard, how about giving them the same amount of Hitpoints and armor as I have, too? For a solo player, most world bosses (even with a reduced hitpoints mod) are already an “avoid at all costs unless specifically going out to hunt them with poison arrows from on top of a pillar” feature. Which, by the way, is not fun or interesting either.

Making them more interesting, sure. Making them just harder to the point of being impossible for a semi-casual solo player - no thanks.


^ That is the problem.^
Giving the bosses ranged attacks would essentially rob solo players of a way to deal effectively with them.

As for the argument of gaining “free gear”… since players are using consumable items to fight those bosses, it’s hardly free. Now, I’m not a bow user and don’t know the cost to make those arrows, but perhaps it needs to be raised.

I feel the game should be balanced around multiplayer, due to the main vision for the game is multiplayer, and instead include more server settings for soloplayers to tweak the game to their level, like micro settings for bossfight ie boss hp and boss damage sliders. Thats just my opinion tho.

I agree, the game’s main focus should be multiplayer; that’s where the money is, so that’s where the long-term development focus should be. I fully accept that my decision to play solo means I can’t enjoy every aspect of the game.

But giving AOE ranged attacks to world bosses doesn’t actually solve anything in multiplayer. A coordinated team of players could still kill any world boss with snake arrows just as easily, as long as one player at a time spends time dodging or running around like a headless chicken. The boss isn’t going to be able to shoot at everyone at once, right?

And, err, how are rhino kings or white tigers going to shoot me?

Yes a coordinated group will always be able to take out a boss, what the goal is to make the fight more interessting for the majority of players in general, giving ranged attackd would bring in some new elements to the fight and also make it a bit of a more hassle to fight, on top of just making the game look better. For tigers and rhinos they could place them away from highground and make them deagro 100% if they cant reach you. (meaning they cant be agroed again until they are back in their main zone

They could do the same for the crocodile and scorpion bosses, without the need to add unimmersive ranged attacks. The only bosses that get ranged attacks should be the locust and the black yeti since it would make sense for them.

If you wanna farm em, kill em with fall damage. I believe that still works.

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