Boss creature difficulty issues (Devs might hate this topic)

Saw in the last patch that the devs want to make bosses harder and legendaries less accessible. I don’t disagree with the intent, however the method that has been used is a bandaid fix at best. Giving the key a 50% drop chance is… Ok, but increasing the mob’s HP does not make them more difficult. It only makes them more tedious.

That said, I can’t think of an easy fix to this issue. I CAN however think of a solution that would work wonders both for this issue, and the overall feel of the game… It would not be a small undertaking though…

The solution I have in mind… Is to give mobs leaping and/or climbing functions. Felines could leap up to a degree and climb. Spiders should be able to skitter on walls/cielings, bears should also be able to climb as should other humanoids. Winged creatures should be able to reach players perched on pretty much anything as for elephants, have them toss a tree or something periodically to try and knock players off perches.

The problem isn’t the health, the problem is the cheese. Adding to tedium only encourages cheese.


The main problem I see with giving enemies like spiders the ability to climb (which would be cool as all hell, I mean, who wouldn’t want to recreate that fight from Tower of the Elephant) would be the nightmare of creating pathfinding for it. There were supposed to be enemies inside the water like predatory fish but ultimately had to be scrapped because of pathfinding issues.

No, I realise this perfectly well. But as of this moment, it’s the only viable method I can think of to make bosses be properly challenging. Hence why I said the devs wouldn’t like this topic. XD

I don’t think there’s an easy way out of the issue.

Another possible solution I woul have, would be to actually reduce their total HP enough so that a kitted out level 60 can actually see damage being done (kindof kills it for me when I don’t see any progress), increase the damage the boss mobs deal a bit more and give the agile mobs a dodge. Heck, give layered hit point bars if you’re bent on giving insane HP. Progress needs to be felt if you want people to actually try taking them on head on.

It is important to make it feel like progress is made, even if the stats end up staying the same.

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I agree, this damage sponge meathod is pure tedium. I did manage to take out king croc, after about 3 ingame days of wailing on it with stone greatsword, and occasionally dodging off to collect some rocks to fix the weapon. But, having some visual progress would be nice. Layered hp bars, different states of bloddyness or something.

I’m just going to go ahead and bump some topics now that the game’s been released and once more next week. To hopefully get past the dev’s post launch crunch time since these are issues I feel need attention as soon as time permits.