Bought it on Xbox and it crashes over and over after 10 seconds

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: germany

hi everyone, i just bought conan for xbox one i played it on my pc first and liked it so i bought it again but for my xbox.
but i cant join any server longer then 10 seconds and the game crashes.
my friends bought the game too and the have the same problems.
and there is no help online in any forums or something except from hate about that problem.

pls help i really love this game …

and its just not cool to sell a game for a console for around 60 bucks that just dont work !!!

Ok if you are on the new xbox series x you will not have lag issue but any other older one then you may load in to your single player for 10 seconds to 30 seconds after that go back on to the official server that should help you can go to your network settings on xbox then advanced settings and change your alternate port selection and try to make sure you have a open may type and then go to devices & connections then blu-ray and clear persistent storage and last option is to go to system storage and clear local saved games but this should help you

Honestly dude the problems going on with xbox one are really bad right now. This was like the worst time you could have bought it. It should not even be allowed to be sold in the condition its in. They say they’re working on it and tbh i believe they are, however… I dont think xbox one will be getting any better for atleast another 2months(just a guess). And my game has not worked properly since September. So yea. I love this game too but honestly its hard to even consider spending anymore money on this at all for the xbox. Sorry no one warned you before you bought it.

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Sorry you are in this situation, since you just purchased it you should have no problem getting a refund which I highly recommend you do as I do not see this game being playable on xbone anytime soon if ever. And in future check the store reviews for games if you had you would have seen the horrible ratings for this game in the last 6 months including my own letting microsoft know they should be ashamed for allowing it to continue being sold in their store.

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Request a refund from MS before you end up like the rest of us…


The xbox issue is widespread, not just you guys.

pc servers have been constantly crashed by an exploit for the last month + and not yet patched.
so, if that is any indicator then you probably shouldn’t expect a fix for xbox any time soon.

sorry to say.

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sounds like they aren’t even working on it yet…

Xbox stability has been steadily declining since the followers 1 update. We are at the point where 7 minutes seems to be the avarage length of time to transpire before an xbox player is crashboarded out. Is PC that bad?

And a player choosing to utilize an exploit to intentionally crash a server is not the same as a player that cannot keep the game running due to instability. It has been roughly 6 months of this on XB.

Get your money back before it’s to late trust me just look at these forums man all the proof is here that the game doesn’t work on the Xbox and has been that
way since September of 2020 just get your money back i wish i could

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And don’t listen to the die hard fan boys i used to be one i have 287 days of game play in the dev letters are bs nothing has changed for 5 months on the Xbox so please listen when I say get your money back

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