Bought the dlc and it refuses to let me unlock anything

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: | Bug | Performance |
Region: eu server 3092 and any server pvp or otherwise

I tried resetting feeta but didn’t do any good del game n re dl no fix tryed refreshing license and no good there eather

Steps on how to reproduce issue: dlc
2.load game game
4.unlock items required for dlc!
Here are 2 pics to prove I purchased the game and tryed to unlock the item w no good results

I think you need to unlock the sword that is a lower level to unlock it. You need the minimum requirements first. Its the same with any weopon. You need to unlock the lower tier to have access…

You have to have the equivalent tier of standard weapon open to access it

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I have iron unlocked lvl 30 and can’t make it and the armors the same I have the Green arrow lock saying to get the dlc

contact playstation