Boxes and Workbenches disappeared

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: EU
Server: 1014

I logged in yesterday 19.04.2020. The last login before was on 12.04.2020.
The door of my house in my base is gone. All workbenches and boxes with alle the content are gone.
On the outside a tempel and a wheel of pain are gone. The map room and all the thralls defending the base in and outside are still alive.
It looks like some one broke the door and destroyed all workbenches/boxes leaving all thralls untouched.
Like some kind of sneak attack.

The event log shows nothing regarding the missing workbenches/boxes/door. I would have expected entries about an attack (purge). I experienced purges earlier and know that you can see that in the event log. Also no decay log entries are displayed regarding this.
Interesting point is, that the neighbouring base looks “purged”. But if that purge extended to my base I would have expected at least losing a couple of thralls and being able to see that in the event log.

Also interesting and disappointing is the fact, that by this I lost the most valuable items: tons of gold, silver, quest items, steel (all kinds), leather (all kinds), boss weapons, hero’s hearts, unique workers, tools etc.

Is there any explanation to what happend to my base/stuff?

Your base was “abandoned”, during this state people can go and take what they want from it and even demolish it. If you hadn’t logged on 19th, it would have completely decayed. Select max range, max days and building filter and hit submit in the event log. It should show when.

The maximum decay timer on officials is 7 days but not all structures get the max decay timer automatically. In order to see how long you have before your base decays, inspect the structure with a repair hammer or hold tab. Placeables placed directly on the ground may have much shorter decay. In order to refresh the timer, you need to log in and render/visit that structure. If you just log in somewhere on the map, your structures won’t get their timer refreshed.


Thx for the clarification.
I haven’t been aware, that the state “abondoned” makes things kind of “accesible” for other players already.
I have just one log entry saying a brick foundation changed to state “abandoned” at 11:59 and later a second one stating it went back to normal later at 15:20, when I logged in.
Probably that one entry is a kind of placeholder for the whole base to avoid spamming the event log.

So I just logged in too late and by this left the opportunity to another player to enter the building and do what he did. Hopfully he/she took a lot of the stuff instead just destroying everything.

Btw, does one have to destroy the abandoned boxes/workbenches to get their content?
If not, it was at least unecessary to destroy things. Anyway, the “abandoned” state thing is still my own fault.

The abandoned state probably excludes any log entries stating who did that, right?
But that’s kind of OK too.

PS: I always log in/out in the base.

on pve yes, because they are locked by default. you need to dismantle them to loot them on pve.

I am pretty sure it does indeed but you can check the unauthorized access filter for any entries just in case.

You can loot abondoned bases again on PvE if you dismantle them?

I will let the ones currently playing on official pve servers to re-confirm. I read about it in another topic:

You have nothing in your eventlog about this actions?

Because I also destroy sometimes doors for decayed bases, just to look around. Never destroyed a chest or whatever, as I have anyway enough stuff.

But some people wrote me a message, that I destroyed a door from theme :smiley:

Nice. I knew it was possible once and then got patched out from PvE. Didn’t know it was back. Need to pay more attention to my neighbours now :slight_smile:

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