Workbenches decayed for no reason

Game mode: Official (1040)
Type of issue: Bug
Server type:: PvE-Conflict
Region: [EU]

2 of my workbenches decayed a few days ago (an improved armorer and a torturer), they were a part of my base outside, but on a black ice foundation. I’m sure they shared the decay time with the whole base, everything else is fine, so it’s not like someone looted only that 2, even a planter has decayed (from the ~10 I have). Eventlog said it was decay, the foundation under them is fine, the base is fine, the doors are fine, only the 2 workbenches and 1 planter is missing.
What the hell seriously.
Also the base is big enough, it has the maximum decay time. Eventlog didn’t mention any loot by unathorized player, the loots probably just disappeared.
On the pictures you can see the eventlog itself, the missing improved armorer with the decay time of the bench next to it, also you can see that 1 planter is missing from the line.

(Also I always login twice a week at least and that’s my main base, I go there every time)


Hey there,

We’ve received a few reports in the past about this and our team is looking into what could be the cause for it.
Thanks for the heads-up, we’ll send it to our team.

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We have a similar problem on server#1516 with an armorer’s bench in one of our bases. Said it changed state to abandoned and would decay. Using a repair hammer to look at the numbers seemed to have fixed it. None of the other workbenches had any problem. The only thing that was different about that one was that I replaced a T3 armorer with a named one.

Also at another base the event log said 0 will decay today. I logged in and my 3rd level Set shrine was gone along with a foundation below it. I pass by it all the time. Do I need to actually interact with it. None of my other shrines disappeared.

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