Breaking noise for tools BEFORE they break

I think it would save everyone a lot of headache if our tools would make splintering, fraying, buckling, bending, cracking noises a few hits before they officially break.

Mainly, I just broke my Black Blood Pick. Not a huge deal, I could farm another, but I would rather just repair it with the legendary repair kits I farmed for that reason.

Legendary repair kits don’t repair broken tools…

So, I know it’s my fault I wasn’t paying attention and was autistically farming rocks.

Perhaps add a sound effect to warn users their tool is about to break, so we can panic and stop to repair our tool?


Yes, please! So. Much. Yes!


Yes, it does, just like all other tools. Have you never broken a tool or a weapon because you were focusing on that little part of the screen that isn’t the hotbar? :wink:





The problem is that on console you can’t see the durability unless you stop picking, and then pull your wheel back up. It doesn’t stay on the screen like it does on pc, so we are more likely to break our tools/weapons if we aren’t being vigilant.

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With that deadpan style of yours, I’m never sure if you’re serious or not. Just in case you are, let me say that, while I seriously don’t believe you were lucky and attentive enough to never break a tool like that, I meant no offense. I can’t speak for @GodisGood, but for my part it has been a bit of friendly banter and I apologize if it offended you.

I think some escalating “your tool is about to break” sound effects would be nice, but for a totally different reason: the breaking sound has startled the heck out of me more times than I can count!


I accidentally break mine all the time. So I can definitely see the appeal in this suggestion. That said, of course I agree that it’s a totally preventable “problem”. But that’s why it’s a Suggestion, not a Bug Report, no?


Add red icon/warning, if any thing gets <10% durability (or 8%). Weapon or armor does not matter…

Oh, I don’t dispute that at all :smiley:

Back before Black Blood tools, I used to use star metal pickaxe or obsidian pick. I would either carry repair mats with me or stash them in my clan’s volcano outpost, because my mining runs tend to have a quota of 20k as a bare minimum, and the mining gets tedious enough that I get distracted by global chat and inevitably end up breaking the tool at least once :stuck_out_tongue:

Now that I’m using Black Blood, I just make sure I have several spares, just in case. Haven’t broken a single one yet, because they last so much longer, but better safe than sorry :rofl:

So yes, it’s totally preventable and it’s also not too hard to mitigate. But it would be helpful to have a different noise and it would also add a tiny little bit to immersion.


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