Tool/weapon sound change when item close to breaking

I would really really like a sound change (maybe a higher pitched version of the item’s set sound) when a tool or weapon is close to breaking.

I zone out too much when farming and occasionally break a pick. A sound change at 10% hardyness (hardiness?) left would be super helpful.


LOL. Why? There is a tool timer, a status indicator and durability (hit points remaining) gauge. What more do you need? Before you go out gathering, repair your item. If you’re doing a lot of gathering and breaking tools, bring repair materials with you. Preparation is key.

I would definitely like something like this. In Minecraft, we have the durability bars underneath the items on the quickbar so we are aware at all times about their conditions.

To utilise sound in this way would be interesting. No bars involved, just sound. Maybe add a cosmetic layer to our tools to signal when one is about to break, so if we went with a first person view, we would literally see how broken our tool is.


I never said I didn’t bring those repair items along. In fact, I do.
As previously stated, when in “the zone”, a change in item tone would be helpful and I think would be a neat addition - Hence the suggestion.

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Instead of a sound, why not showing it visually as in real life. When the iten gets to 25% of the durability, the skin gets scratchy, cracked, peeled, dirty, then when seeing this change, you will know the weapon is close to break. And yet, this beautifies the game with immersion.

I beleive such an addition wouldn’t be hard to implement, as we already have blood stains on the weapons after a kill, by the way, they should last longer for immersion sake, I find myself trying to get some screenshots, a bit of pain since it gotta be fast before the blood vanishes. :face_with_monocle:


I don’t understand why the bloodstain has to vanish unless washed. It’s not like it needs multiple layers of these stain patterns on top of each other. Each time you hit a target, the stain pattern is reapplied to it [the item], but in a different angle. Whenever we sharpen the tools, they reflect like mirrors until utilised. Would be useful as a decorative element.

I’d like both of these to be added as a server setting option most of all. Some people have a bad hearing so a visual cue would be better. Those with bad eyesight could benefit more from an audio cue. Those who don’t like audio cues could turn them off and those who don’t like visual cues could turn them off instead.

Those who don’t like either could turn them both off and save some processing power too. Maybe add the durability bar to the quickbar as an alternative cue function.

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The visual idea is great! Never thought of that! :):grinning:

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